Sonifex CM-AESB3, CM-AESX3, CM-MS3

November 24, 2013

Three-way splitters
The CM-AESB3 is a passive "one-to-three" splitter designed to split a single AES3ID digital audio source to up to three destinations, using female BNC connectors. Particularly useful in a video production and broadcast environment, the CM-AESB3 splits the input signal through high quality transformers. The CM-AESX3 is similarly a passive "one-to-three" splitter used to create multiple AES3 digital audio signals from a single source, using Neutrik XLR connectors. The CM-MS3 can split a single microphone or line source to up to three destinations, using Neutrik XLR connectors. It uses high quality audio transformers that are capable of accepting input levels up to +18dBu, making the splitter useful in both microphone and line level splitting applications.
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