Sonifex CM-CU21

August 2, 2010

Commentator unit

The CM-CU21 is a portable commentator with two fully featured commentator positions and a third guest location that can alternatively be used as a line-level input. Each of the commentator positions has an individual output, with two additional outputs providing a mix of all active commentary channels. Two talkback output channels, with a built-in limiter, are available to each of the two main commentators, and they can be linked to provide simultaneous operation. A wide input gain range and switchable phantom power on each commentary position allows support of a variety of microphone types including low-output ribbon microphones, headsets and high-output phantom powered microphones. There are four transformer balanced return audio inputs which, along with the commentator inputs, are routed to the headphone monitor controls.
+44 1933 650 700

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