Sound4 ULA 8-Playout

September 30, 2013

Sound card
This card is mainly used as a sound card to directly play to LAN audio (Livewire or Ravenna). It features eight stereo inputs (play), eight Universal LAN Audio (ULA) inputs, eight stereo outputs (record) and eight ULA outputs. With the 3D mode, sources can be given an order of priority, from one to nine, in the Matrix engine. Then establish source scenarios of backup, priority, and mixing group. The 3D audio matrix also has a Mix Engine with a capacity of 16 inputs to 16 outputs. Cross-fades are assignable separately for each source. Thanks to the eight-ULA playout, it is no longer necessary to use an external mixing engine to mix playout sources with ULA sources (Livewire or Ravenna).
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