Streaming Companies Add Royalty Reporting

January 16, 2008

Because of the March 2007 announcement by the Copyright Royalty Board to impose royalty rates for webcasters effective retroactive to 2006 and continuing through 2010, Internet streaming companies are seeing an opportunity to capitalize. The ruling forces webcasters to pay a fee to Sound Exchange for every song streamed to every listener. The fee increases each year.

Stream Audio recently added royalty reporting to its software monitors, and records each time a song is played and the number of listeners connected during the performance. The software filters any connections that do not remain for more than 30 seconds, which helps reduce royalty expenses. Stream Audio also provides weekly and monthly statistics that allow users to view totals for performances.

Liquid Compass, Ando Media and Abacast provide similar software solutions, but a station must use automation software to take advantage of these services.

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