Symetrix Jupiter

February 19, 2013

Audio DSP
The Jupiter platform consists of three models: The Jupiter 4, Jupiter 8 and Jupiter 12. Each unit is able to handle various DSP functions to multiple input sources, including EQ, audio delay and dynamics. The Jupiter 4 is a 4-in, 4-out device, the Jupiter 8 is an 8-in, 8-out device, and the Jupiter 12 is a 12-in, 4-out device. The units are designed to operator by loading apps for a desired use. The units are configured via the included Arc-Web software in a Web browser and an Ethernet port. The units can also be accessed remotely via iOs and Android devices. Possible uses include multiple mic processors, HD Radio analog/digital signal delay, and dynamics processing on multiple network feeds. 50 presets can be global and/or parameter specific, and presets store any type of available parameter.

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