Telos Systems Hx6

May 10, 2013

Talkshow system
The Hx6 works with POTS or ISDN phone lines, and comes equipped with dual hybrids for high-quality conferencing. The digital hybrids have independent AGC, noise gate and call ducking dynamics, and each hybrid includes the Telos Digital Dynamic EQ (DDEQ), a multi-band equalizer that analyzes and adjusts caller audio for smooth and consistent sound. Separate analog I/O is provided for each hybrid, with AES3 available as an option. There's also a program-on-hold input, GPIO connections for speaker muting and ring tallies. An Axia Livewire Ethernet port is provided. The system is controlled with the Telos VSet6 six-line phone controller.

What the judges had to say:
"Dual hybrids, processing and DSP -- should be great-sounding phones."
"POTS or ISDN use, and several options for I/O."

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