April 1, 2013

EAS encoder/decoder
The EAS911+ is an EAS encoder/decoder with CAP receiving capabilities that will eventually replace the present TFT EAS911. The new model has all the features of the EAS911 but with a touchscreen user interface for operation and setup. It also incorporates a CAP decoder, analog and AES/EBU audio switcher, and interface to an auxiliary video overlay device to put EAS information on four or more video streams. The EAS911+ has also completed FEMA compliance testing for CAP decoding. It will feature greater logging and recording capabilities, text-to-speech conversion and will still interface to existing TFT EAS peripherals. With an external Video Overlay Device, it can place EAS text on up to four SDI/HDI streams or four ASI streams. Multiple external units may be cascaded to handle any number of video streams.

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