Thoughts on Audio over IP

January 1, 2010

Sign Off, Jan 2010

In our recent webinar, IP Audio in the Studio, we asked attendees to answer a few questions about AoIP. Here is what they said.

Do you believe an open standard is important to the success of AoIP?
71.6% - Yes, IEEE or another standards organization needs to develop one.
18.4% - No, the best technology will reveal itself by market forces.
10% - I thought there already was one.

Do you believe AoIP will become standard for broadcast facilities?
34.6% - Yes, it will replace all other router and console technologies
63.6% - Not totally, what we use today will be around for some time to come.
1.8% - No, it is a "FAD" technology.

Do you or would you install AoIP as it is today?
25% - Yes, already in place
62% - Not yet but soon
10% - Not yet…the technology isn't there yet
3% - No! I would never consider it.

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