Towerswitch Collocom-2

August 1, 2007

Tower owners and managers are faced with a variety of safety issues. Everything from FCC RF radiation compliance, OSHA hazard awareness, unauthorized tower climbing/access and site security can pose a threat. Safety is the number one priority for Richland Towers as we design, build and operate our facilities. We strive to provide our tenants, vendors and subcontractors with the most up-to-date information about our facilities through a variety of means ranging from facility managers, written safety policies, site signage, remote monitoring and access control, vendor/subcontractor qualification processes, and the solar datalogger.

Simply put, the Collocom-2 is an easy-to-install, solar-powered device used to play an audio message. Detailed information about safety requirements and emergency information for the tower facility, as well as warnings to un-authorized personnel, are a few of the custom messages that can be recorded. Richland Towers' Collocom messages include information on height of the tower; Antenna Structure Registration Number (ASR); style of tower and description (i.e. candelabra, etc.); elevator operating procedures where applicable; 24/7 contact information for corporate office; RF and high voltage warning notice; notification of required personal protective equipment (PPE); site address, and telephone number.


Performance at a glance
- Customizable information messages
- Multiple buttons for informational messages and emergencies
- Adjustable volume control
- Weather-proof enclosure
- Solar-powered operation
- Optional footswitch activation

Messages are loaded into the unit as an audio file via the memory card that slides in and out of the unit. The speakers are of good quality and the volume can be adjusted to a very loud announcement that can be heard over most site noise. The messages are played back to the listener in the order the user chooses by following the naming convention of the audio file specified in the setup manual provided. Messages can be changed or updated by recording a new message and copying the audio file to the memory card, or on demand by pressing a button inside the device and using an external microphone.

The Collocom can operate on a standard ac power feed and optional solar power. The unit is housed in a weather-proof, locked enclosure. Pressing large buttons activates the playback of the pre-recorded messages. An optional foot switch can be installed on platforms, ladders and other areas where a warning message may be needed. The devices can be installed in a variety of locations such as poles, walls or fences. Richland Towers has installed the devices in elevators to remind the tower crews of important safety information while operating the elevators. The installation manual is easy to understand and in most cases, installation takes less than one hour. Towerswitch provides continued technical assistance for the products, as well as a five-year limited warranty.

The unit installed at one of Richland's sites.

The unit installed at one of Richland's sites.

Richland Towers has installed more than 16 Collocoms in our top markets including Dallas, Houston, Orlando, Atlanta, Sacramento, Nashville and Knoxville. We view these units as an added insurance policy, and by using them, we have lowered the possibility of potential accidents and misuse of our tower facilities and elevators. Based on the Collocom's reliable performance and ease of installation, Richland Towers will install additional devices at our locations in New York City, Los Angeles and Tampa.

Greive is director of property management; Anderson, Merritt and Martin are property managers, and Sermon is the senior director of business operations for Richland Towers.


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