Wheatstone M4 IP

May 10, 2013

Wheatstone M-4 IP

Microphone processor
This four-channel, DSP-based voice processor can operate in completely independent channel mode or, at the touch of a button, dual stereo mode for professional stereo recording applications. The M4IP Microphone Processor Blade combines four high-quality microphone preamps, four channels of Vorsis microphone processing, and a WheatNet-IP Blade interface can operate stand-alone or as part of a WheatNet network. Equipped with four, matched Super-Quiet (SQ) microphone preamplifiers, 24-bit A/D converters, 96kHz base sample rate, a four-section equalizer with high and low shelving EQ and two bands of fully parametric EQ, high and low pass filters, de-esser, expander, and up to three bands of processing. Adjustable from anywhere on a network the M4-IP offers the security of password-protected TCP/IP-based remote control and no front panel controls.

What the judges had to say:
"It talks WheatNet, but it also works with AES3 I/O."
"Four powerful processors in 1RU -- fantastic."

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