Side by Side

Radio magazine looks at several products of a cetain type and feature set and compares them side by side.

Side by Side: Compact FM Transmitters 

Feature comparison of small FM transmitters (under 5 kW)

Side by Side: All-in-One PAs 

Having a portable PA on site provides a better way to deliver the audio to cover an area, and the PA offers greater flexibility at the remote site.

Side by Side: Studio Furniture 

While the studio furniture may seem like just a spot to place the console and mic booms, it defines how the entire room functions.

Side by Side: IP Codecs 

Transporting audio over IP is common in radio. Here are several codecs to help get the job done.

Side by Side: Handheld Testers 

These portable boxes make testing a variety of cables a snap.

Side by Side: Portable Recorders 

Five recorders that might be just what you're looking for to capture audio in the field.

Side by Side: Video Cameras 

Video for radio may not seem like an obvious connection, but video is ideal for a station's website and social media efforts.

Side by Side: On-air Telephone Systems 

Since the first on-air phone systems were introduced, the technology has advanced to provide exceptional quality from analog phone services. We look at five available systems.

Side by Side: Monitor Amplifiers 

Looking for a medium-power power amplifier? Here are some options that might fit your studio.

Side by Side: Headset Mics 

While sports may be the primary use for headset mics, they offer features that are suitable to other live broadcast uses.

Side by Side: USB Audio Interfaces 

The on-board sound card can be used to get audio in and out of a computer, but these external interfaces provide better audio specs and more flexible options.

Side by Side: Headphones 

The most personal pieces of equipment in a studio are the announcer's or producer's headphones. Here are several models any announcer should be able to afford.

Side by Side: Mic Processors 

Six stand-alone mic processors are examined side by side.

Side by Side: On-air Audio Processors 

The current wave of processors has also overcome the problem of achieving loudness at the cost of losing quality. Advances in limiting and compression techniques allow some of the musicality to be preserved.

Side by Side: Newsroom Mixers 

There are lots of applications for a small-format mixer. We compare specs on five models that can be rack- or turret-mounted.

Side by Side: Audio Editing Software 

There are several popular, and somewhat standard, audio editing programs available. But if the resources and budget are limited, there are some options.

Side by Side: Mics for Smartphones 

When you want to connect your favorite handheld mic to your smartphone, what do you do? Here are some adapters and a way to make your own.

Side by Side: On-air Condenser Mics 

When you need a mic in the air studio, it's easy to reach for your old favorite. But there are other choices, including condenser mics.

Side by Side: Apps for Field Contribution 

With so many smartphones in use, why not take advantage of the available resource to send high-quality audio back to the studio? Here are some apps that let you do that.

Side by Side: Nearfield Monitors 

In smaller spaces, nearfield monitors are ideal. We compare five common powered models.

Side by Side: Portable Recorders 

There are lots of portable recorders available. We picked five that have XLR inputs or a very high high-quality mic.

Side by Side: Portable PAs 

When the show goes outside the studio, there's almost always a need for some kind of sound reinforcement.

Side by Side: IP Codecs 

Radio remote equipment has moved forward with the times and embraced IP connectivity.

Side by Side: Backup Power 

We look at four true online UPS systems to compare features and specs.

Side by Side: Budget Mics for Remotes 

Look at a typical radio remote and you'll see a few regular mic choices, but there are other options available.

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