Reader Feedback

Audio Quality on Radio Today 

Andy Linton shares his views on the loss of good audio quality.

The Digital Face-Plant: Thoughts on IP Security 

The author describes the pains of adopting digital transmission systems and the headaches that came with them.

Apple Rejecting Radio Apps for iPhone 

Apple now says single radio station apps are the same as fart apps.

Comments on EAS Improvements 

With so many plans in the works to improve emergency alterting via EAS come many differing opinions on what should be done.

The Arguments Against HD Radio 

HD Radio is a polarized issue, but the arguments against it stated by the engineering community are too often not based on technical merits. A readers shares his analysis.

The language of non-engineers 

Engineers work well with machines, but don't always communicate well with other people, as this guest editorial notes.

Kudos on EAS 

Several readers share their views on the method and status of updating the emergency alert system.

The gains for HD Radio 

One reader writes, "I don't know how far HD Radio-equipped stations blanket analog AM stations but I can provide you with a very educated guess that the actual receiver has a lot to do with rejecting that interference or permitting it."

The high cost of HD Radio receivers 

Radio magazine readers speak up on HD Radio receiver availability, the RIAA's financial tactics, the right way to plan a project and a simple thanks for our Find the Mic Sweepstakes.

Filing comments on IBOC 

Readers speak out on HD Radio, podcasting and more.

Don't Sell Morning Drive Short 

The fear among sellers of radio is that this once sought-after daypart would lose much of its appeal and thus pricing power. If you can find higher-rated dayparts, why should buyers pay a premium for morning drive?

Maximized effort 

Many readers have shared their varied opinions on HD Radio and the Digital Radio Alliance.

Respectfully yours 

Radio magazine's editorial coverage has sparked various responses from its readers, from the late-summer hurricanes to IBOC. Find out what people have to say.

Advanced DAB 

Find out what your constituents think about hot topics in radio.

Catching up with the mail 

Find out what your constituents think on various topics.

The lo-fi demise of AM radio 

More reader comments regarding the AM radio bandwidth reduction by Clear Channel and Crawford.

DHS alerts from NWR 

Read thoughts and comments from Radio magazine's readers.

The fall convention solution 

Find out what readers of Radio magazine have to say.

More hi-fi WiFi 

Learn what our readers have to say about DRM, IBOC and CD recording.

AM longevity 

Having read the Reader Feedback section in the January issue of Radio magazine, I must wholeheartedly agree with Jim Jenkins. AM radio is far from dead,

The IBOC debate 

Radio magazine readers speak their minds. IBOC is a hot topic this month.

More on the MITRE report 

Radio magazine readers speak up. This month includes comments on the MITRE LPFM interference report, the audio quality of IBOC and a remark from a Canadian broadcast convention coordinator.

The fix for IBOC 

Radio magazine readers share their voices on the important issues.

The troubles with IBOC 

Our readers speak out on IBOC, the recent FCC translator filings and reminisce of days gone by.

Useful emergency info 

Our readers speak their minds. This month, the issue is raised about better ways to diseminate public information through RBDS.

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