Burk Technology Issues Update to ARC Plus Systems

Firmware v5.0.10.1 now available for ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL June 5, 2017

LITTLETON, Mass.—An updated firmware version is now available for Burk Technology’s ARC Plus Touch and ARC Plus SL systems with the new v5.0.10.1.

Features for the updated firmware include user-selections for configuration of both Meter Actions and Meter Alarm Actions; user-selections for configuration of both Status Actions and Status Alarm Actions; a user-configurable de-bounce filter can be applied to Status channels; and direct encoding for variable and value bindings in SNMP Object Identifiers.

The new v5.0.10.1 also resolves the ability to restore scheduled macros properly from saved configuration files; long ARC Plus user names can now be saved using AutoLoad Plus; ARC-16 Speech labels are now properly imported; new user names are created as entered; AutoLoad Plus now uses Plus-X command channel relay pairings for Plus X-300 and Plus-X 600 units.

This version of ARC Plus firmware requires AutoLoad Plus v3.1.104 or higher and AutoPilot v2.10.64 or higher. It is now available for download at www.burk.com/downloads.


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