Microwave Pro 2 Introduces New Features

February 6, 2015

CEDAR FALLS, IOWA—V-Soft Communication says its Microwave Pro 2 has been updated to utilize the National Spectrum Management Association OH Loss model, which is the industry standard for propagation.

This industry standard propagation model is used by many microwave coordinators for path loss predictions.

MW Pro2 includes bidirectional microwave paths under a single study, and a new point study enables the user to identify the impact of wind farms and other structures on microwave paths. It also features integrated polygon mapping.

It is now possible to define a microwave path as a bidirectional system (in previous versions of the program the forward and return path for such a system had to be considered independently). When a bidirectional path is loaded from the ULS database it will automatically have the return path loaded.

When examining a bidirectional path, interference caused to and received by both paths/frequencies involved will be done at the same time. The frequency search now allows a list of forward/return frequency pairs to be examined. A library of common frequency pairs for various bands is included.

The new point search study allows the user to identify microwave paths that come close to crossing a specific geographic point. This can be used in the process of studying the possible impact of a new wind farm or large structure on existing microwave paths. A map can be generated showing the reference point and paths that are close by.

The integrated mapping package in now included in the program. Coordination studies can be mapped showing some or all of the paths considered in the study.

C/I ratios based on frequency separation and bandwidth can be calculated and applied now. The program includes an advanced algorithm that will determine an adjusted C/I objective for non-standard situations. This is useful in situations when two path frequencies are not exactly the same and not exactly a full channel apart.

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