Internet Radio Stations Fighting Fire With Fire

Some streamers in the Netherlands have chosen DAB + to expand their range August 22, 2017

AMSTERDAM — So what can you do if you are an internet-only radio station, and you want to attract and keep more listeners? 

Why, you get on the radio. Over-the-air radio. What else?

In the Netherlands, an ever-increasing group of internet stations is choosing that means of gaining potential listeners. For many internet stations, digital radio was unreachable because of the high costs, but “...the many experiments with DAB + at local level now show that DAB + is also accessible to smaller Internet stations,” according to The number of places where local DAB + networks are on air is growing: Zandvoort, Leiden, North Holland, Noordoost-Groningen, Duivendrecht, The Hague, Rijswijk, Wageningen, Eindhoven, Waddinxveen, Nijkerkerveen, Emmeloord, Ravenstijn and Vlaardingen are active already.

Previous streamers taking advantage of local DAB+ include Dance Radio, AMW, Olympia Radio, Mix724, Paprika Tasty Radio, Radio4 Brainport, RTVeluwe, Veluwe Canon, Pro FM Dance, Hitland Radio and JouwMNL. These online stations chose DAB + to expand their range, and some are even located on multiple DAB+ networks.

Maybe there is something to that “radio” thing after all.  


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