Auralex StudioDoor Now Shipping

Isolation door designed for recording studios, vocal booths and mixing rooms June 2, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS—Auralex Acoustics has unlocked its new StudioDoor and is making it available for shipping. This door is designed for acoustically isolated studios.

The StudioDoor is wood-based and features a proprietary Auralex core to maximize mass and eliminate resonance issues. It is available in two models, StudioDoor 41 and StudioDoor 48 HD. StudioDoor 41 is the standard and measures 1.75x36x80-inches. The StudioDoor 48 HD measures 2.5x36x80-inches and includes Auralex SheetBlok Sound Barrier for additional isolation. Both models are shipped pre-hung.

Auralex is a provider of acoustical treatment products.

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