Omnia Introduces VOCO 8 Microphone System

Networked microphone system designed to maintain sound quality July 17, 2015

CLEVELAND — Omnia Audio has introduced its new networked microphone system, the VOCO 8. Combining eight high-performance preamps with up to eight channels of mic processing, VOCO 8 is intended to maintain voice quality.

The system uses a pair of algorithms; the S4 HQSound algorithm performs all processing at 192 kHz, enabling the system to capture a wide range of noise levels, and a de-esser algorithm that automatically tracks the frequency of sibilants in real-time, without manual re-adjustment.

Additional features include “Dominate-It,” which allows a host mic to automatically attenuate guest mics and maintain dominance in the mix without manually riding levels. A three-band noise gate is also available with the ability to isolate external noises, as well as a 3-band processing section augmented by a four-band parametric EQ and a transparent brick-wall limiter to smooth out hot-mic situations.

The product features Livewire+ AoIP and is fully AES67 compliant. 
Omnia Audio is a Telos Alliance brand.

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