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Which medium did people rely on most during the 2004 hurricanes? Radio, of course.

Field Report: Audio-Technica AT2020 

The AT2020 is a good choice for remote broadcasts where quality sound is required and you don't want to risk a more expensive microphone.

Field Report: Edirol R-1 

Are you still using portable cassette recorders because of too few economical options? Now there’s a solution.

Field Report: Adobe Systems Audition 1.5 

In 2003, Clear Channel Radio made a strategic decision to purchase several hundred copies of Adobe Audition, a software-only audio editing program, for its network of stations.

Field Report: Tascam CD-RW750 

The recorder automatically senses and changes a digital sampling rate, making it possible to do digital transfers from MDs, DATs and other digital signals that are sampled at 32kHz or 48kHz.

The best laid plans 

In most cases, the plans are set and followed with minor variations because of challenges. In the case of Journal’s Omaha stations, just finalizing the plan was the challenge.

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February marks the 80th birthday of WTIC in Hartford, CT.

The right choice in an On-air console 

Once a tool for the privileged few, digital consoles have grown in popularity and in available choices, while the cost of these consoles has continued to fall.

Reliable Connections 

While remotes and live events are the primary use, many stations are using POTS and ISDN codecs for back-up STLs and other itinerant applications.

Field Report: SAS Rubicon, Riolink and 32KD 

Radiovisa in Los Angeles has installed a consolidated router and console system from SAS. The system reduces the cabling needs as well as the in-studio equipment needs for the stations.

Field Report: OMT Technologies Imedialogger 

The Imedialogger can record 12 audio sources and can play back and record simultaneously. The Bonneville St. Louis stations put it to the test.

Surround takes to the airwaves 

KUVO broadcast three-time Grammy-winner Dianne Reeves with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) live using a Harris Neustar 5225 downmix system. The event marked the first regular use of a surround broadcast in IBOC.

Field Report: Studio Technologies 210 and 220 

Studio Technologies announcer's consoles played a big role in bringing two of 2004's biggest sporting events back to their audiences. Remote engineer Raul Velez reviews these controllers.


The lines between audio and data are blurred further every day. Recent technology and product introductions take this even further.

The end of ISDN? 

When the project began, Nassau New Hampshire ordered five ISDN and POTS codecs. Now Verizon says that ISDN is not available.

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Remembering the Auditronics Destiny 2000, a review of radio listening in 1927, and the habits of radio listeners and TV viewers with online shopping.

Field Report: Clenney Communications Optelator II 

After the third lightning strike, Joe Ternovan, chief engineer of Infinity Columbus, OH, looked into other means of protecting the system from lightning strikes through the telephone line. He found the Clenney Communications Optelator.

Applied Technology: Digigram Exaudi 

Now that individual computers take care of all the tasks related to radio automation, the logical evolution is integration of audio transport for program contributions and distribution.

KUVO in Surround 

On Sept. 24, KUVO-FM, Denver, featured a surround sound broadcast of Dianne Reeves performing with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Processing Surround 

Is there a surround audio processor in your future? Without a doubt, but if you're expecting something like a five-channel version of your current stereo processor, think again.

Field Report: Telos Systems Zephyr Xport 

The Xport can transmit audio via POTS or ISDN to a studio-located ISDN Zephyr codec. Kirk Chestnut provides a review.

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Remembering the Harris Producer and the Smith Practical Radio Institute, as well as a look at engineers' ages.

Digital Audio Workstations 

While it takes several elements to make a production studio an effective workspace, the centerpiece of most studios is the digital audio workstation.

Field Report: Neumann BCM-104 

Vermont Public Radio has increased its demand on condenser mics, as outlined in this review.

The 2004 NBA Finals on Lakers Radio KLAC 

Feeding a network of 16 English-language stations in California, Nevada and New Mexico with a remote broadcast almost every other night during the basketball season, KLAC has honed its process.

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