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Portable audio entertainment comes full circle when flash memory meets the audio tube.

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Who were the top 10 radio station owners in regard to revenue in 2004, and how does each rate with regard to individual station revenues?

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How do you most often listen to music?

Field Report: Marantz PMD660 

It's small, it has XLR connectors, and it records to solid-state media. I wanted one and couldn't wait to get my hands on one.

Field Report: Bias Soundsoap 2 

Pops, clicks and other noises in recordings can be cleanly eliminated. Bias Soundsoap 2 can show you how.

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Which medium did people rely on most during the 2004 hurricanes? Radio, of course.

Field Report: Edirol R-1 

Are you still using portable cassette recorders because of too few economical options? Now there’s a solution.

Field Report: Adobe Systems Audition 1.5 

In 2003, Clear Channel Radio made a strategic decision to purchase several hundred copies of Adobe Audition, a software-only audio editing program, for its network of stations.

Field Report: Tascam CD-RW750 

The recorder automatically senses and changes a digital sampling rate, making it possible to do digital transfers from MDs, DATs and other digital signals that are sampled at 32kHz or 48kHz.

Field Report: OMT Technologies Imedialogger 

The Imedialogger can record 12 audio sources and can play back and record simultaneously. The Bonneville St. Louis stations put it to the test.

Surround takes to the airwaves 

KUVO broadcast three-time Grammy-winner Dianne Reeves with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) live using a Harris Neustar 5225 downmix system. The event marked the first regular use of a surround broadcast in IBOC.

Digital Audio Workstations 

While it takes several elements to make a production studio an effective workspace, the centerpiece of most studios is the digital audio workstation.

Field Report: Telos Systems Profiler 

At closer inspection, the Profiler could replace the dreaded open-reel logger. Mike Kernen shares his review.

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An early effort at creating a digital audio cassette format; the 1960 Democratic National Convention; and radio station acquisitions of 2003.

Portable Perfection 

Recording audio outside the studio presents several challenges to the radio station. The ability to make a high-quality recording is not so difficult, given the broad range of portable choices to capture recorded sound.

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Do you remember? In 1981 Applied Technology offered two audio processors with digital control capabilities. The Maximod digital peak limiter used a digital

Maximum Burn 

The Compact Disc Recordable (CD-R) remains the most common optical media format used in audio/radio production environments. Ever since the CD-R became

Field Report: Adobe Audition 1 

Audio self-expression can be found in Adobe's multi-track editing program.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

Remembering an EBS incident.

Field Report: Danagger Audio Works Plan B 

Dead air is a program director's worst nightmare, and while no station is immune from it, this is easy insurance.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

A 44-year old console, a cassette deck with hopes of greatness and a look at consumer music spending habits.

Field Report: Eventide Clockworks Legacy 

What's old is new again with a series of Pro Tools effects plug-ins.

Shaping radio today and tomorrow 

A look back at the Studio A820, DAB progress in 1994 and a continued increase in Internet media usage.

Digital Audio Workstations 

Digital audio workstations have proven to be a valuable part of any station's production equipment list.

Capturing audio in the field 

The recorders are smaller than ever, but convenience and quality are at their peak.

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