FCC Streamlines Part 17 Rules Regarding Tower Lighting and Marking

August 12, 2014

WASHINGTTON—The Federal Communications Commission adopted a Report and Order to streamline and eliminate outdated provisions of the Part 17 Rules governing the construction, marking and lighting of antenna structures. The Order harmonizes Commission rules with FAA guidelines, recognizing that FAA is the expert agency on matters of air safety.

The Order also modernizes the Commission''s lighting and marking requirements to reflect technological advancements and current industry standards, such as allowing tower owners to provide tenants with antenna structure registration information via mail, email or other electronic methods. Additionally, the Order streamlines rules regarding the maintenance of tower lighting and marking by exempting tower structures that employ robust, continuous monitoring systems from the requirement for quarterly physical inspections of lighting systems.

WT Docket No. 10-88; action by the Commission August 8, 2014, by Report and Order (FCC 14-117).

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