LBA Releases Isocouplers to Put FM Translators on AM Towers

CAMI system provides broadband isolation December 8, 2015

GREENVILLE, N.C.—With the recent FCC AM Revitalization Order expected to require FM translators to be placed on “hot” AM towers, LBA Technology has debuted the CAMI to provide broadband isolation.

The CAMI system provides high AM isolation to protect most AM towers, even in directional arrays, and is rated 10 KW AM, 1 KW FM. It passes all frequencies from DC to 2500 MHz, as well as AC/DC on coax. In addition, it isolates single coaxial cable for LPFM, FM and TV translators, STL’s, and cellular.

LBA Is offering the CAMI at a starting price of $1895.

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