Dielectric DCR-S 

Sidemount FM antenna

Shively Labs 6020 

Broadband dipole

ERI Axiom 

Four-bay broadband FM antenna

Bird Technologies Group 5011, 5011-EF, 5015, 5015-EF 

Terminating power sensors

The Phasor 

The upcoming generation of radio engineers will encounter a new ease of measurement as a fact of the Commission's new directional antenna proof rules.

Using the operating impedance bridge 

The development of the operating impedance bridge by Delta Electronics about 40 years ago made antenna impedance measurements not only much easier to perform, but more accurate.

Thoughts about NEC 4-1 

As time passed and DA design work received increasing attention, it became obvious that more information was needed about how the antenna worked in its environment once constructed.

First MoM AM Applications Granted 

WKOX and WRCA are among the first stations to be licensed under the new rules.

Do you remember MEOV? 

MEOV offered a wonderful means of providing a way around a potential difficulty in meeting the approved radiation pattern.

Station Upgrade: KEXS 

It's not uncommon to find elevated tower bases, but to see a transmitter building sitting on 9' stilts is rather unusual. See why KEXS chose to not only raise the roof but also raise the entire building.

Kintronic Labs Kinstar 

The first field-installed Kinstar antenna system is in use at KCST-AM, Florence, OR.

Dielectric, Exir Broadcasting and Telecom Create Sales Partnership 

The agreement expands Dielectic's product line and allows Exir to sell Dielectric products.

Transmission lines 

A transmission line is a far more complex piece of equipment than many people realize. In its simplest form it may be considered as just a pair of wires merely carrying ac power.

FCC adopts new methodology for AM proofs 

At long last, the FCC is permitting directional AM stations and permittees to submit proofs of performance using moment modeling in lieu of proofs based on extensive field measurements.

Vertical Radiators 

Sometimes we tend to forget some of the fundamental facts of electronic life involving radiation which, after all, are requisite for radio transmission.

The Other Antenna 

It's worthwhile upon occasion to look at more common technologies to see what the most up-to-date products are and how they relate to common applications. This article is about antennas we don't commonly think of for broadcast transmission.

Connecting studio facilities and transmitters 

32 Avenue of the Americas is home to one of several large Carrier Hotels in New York City, and as such was an advantageous location for our endeavor.

Tweaking the antenna system 

The last link in the broadcast chain under the control of the broadcast engineer is the transmitter and antenna system. From then on quality of reception is left in the hands of the listeners. Thus it puts the onus of transmitting the best possible signal on the station engineer.

Tennessee Turnaround 

WKNO-FM, an NPR member station in Memphis, began operations on April 1, 1972, on 91.1MHz with 40kW of effective radiated power. The station launched its HD Radio signal in the fall of 2007. Up to that point, we underwent incremental upgrades and adjustments to the original installation.

A Foundation for the Future 

In its most basic description, this project entailed the addition of a 40 feet by 60 feet space attached to an older, steel-framed transmission facility, but the story extends far beyond the basics.

The path to upgrading 

From finding land to filing a Form 302: an overview of the steps for completing an upgrade.

Living with your license 

Your new or latest station license has arrived. How you deal with it can have a huge effect on your future.

Planning for a digital future 

In 2005 American Tower was approached by current and prospective tenants to consider modifying the aging antenna and its combiners to transmit HD Radio. The result of this project is an antenna installation with greater capacity, additional redundancy, and natural transition path for the stations to go digital.

The road to antenna maintenance 

Before any useful maintenance can be performed it is essential to know how a system is supposed to operate and also know the licensed operating parameters. A copy of the latest proof of performance and the current license are a good place to start.

Jampro JHPC 

Accumulated ice can wreak havoc on some antennas if you aren't careful. One station in Manistique, MI, has found the Jampro JHPC to be a reliable choice through the sever winters.

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