ERI-Electronics Research MACX850 

MACXLine rigid transmission line

Transmission Line Maintenance 

The bottom line is that without maintenance, transmission line will ultimately fail. The good news is that with regular and periodic inspections, the likelihood of unplanned failures is greatly reduced.

Myat X-series 

Coaxial transfer switch

Kintronic Labs VSU-1 

Voltage sampling unit


RF power sensor

Improvements in Filter Combiners 

Increasing the IBOC digital sidebands from -20dBc to -10dBc presents more challenges for broadcasters wanting to transmit from one antenna.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting Adds HD Radio 

In June 2009, Mississippi Public Broadcasting culminated a multiyear effort and inaugurated two-channel HD Radio transmission to all eight of its Class C FM analog stations.

Field Report: WorldCast Systems APT WorldNet Oslo 

Doug Irwin predicts that Oslo is well on its way to becoming one of those classic pieces of equipment that engineers will talk about for years to come.

Third-Adjacent Protection Review 

One of the hallmark missions of the FCC is to promote the use of the radio spectrum; the corollary is that the Commission ends up being a traffic cop to eliminate interference, more accurately stated as reducing interference.

The coming of HD Radio to WKSU 

WKSU had a major decision to make: Either add 5,000 square feet onto the broadcast center building or complete the installation of IBOC technology at its non-IBOC stations and further enhance the network with the implementation of multicast channel and program-associated data capabilities for each station.

Grounding standards for broadcast 

While there are similarities between various grounding methodologies, asking 10 engineers for their opinions will probably return a minimum of eight different and valid recommendations.

The Phasor 

The upcoming generation of radio engineers will encounter a new ease of measurement as a fact of the Commission's new directional antenna proof rules.

Field Report: Harris HPX 

It appears Harris did some serious homework on this transmitter. The controller is like nothing I have ever seen before.

Using the operating impedance bridge 

The development of the operating impedance bridge by Delta Electronics about 40 years ago made antenna impedance measurements not only much easier to perform, but more accurate.

Field Report: Audemat Relio 

With IP, dial-up, multi-level multi-user, lots of channel capacity, graphic user interface and graphic programming, the Audemat Relio was just what KUT Radio was looking for in a remote control.

WILQ rebuilds transmitter site 

In the wee hours of the morning the logging truck was hot-wired and taken for a ride on top of Bald Eagle Mountain, the location of WILQ's transmitter site. The driver proceeded to drive the truck straight through the front of the building, using the front door as a target.

Thoughts about NEC 4-1 

As time passed and DA design work received increasing attention, it became obvious that more information was needed about how the antenna worked in its environment once constructed.

Field Report: Burk ARC Plus 

The ARC Plus is the logical next step for anyone looking to interconnect sites, or simply make the leap to IP-based control.

Do you remember MEOV? 

MEOV offered a wonderful means of providing a way around a potential difficulty in meeting the approved radiation pattern.

Field Report: Nautel NV20 

The Nautel NV20 is a solid-state FM transmitter capable of running in analog, digital and hybrid modes. The footprint of this box is amazingly small for the power levels attained.

A Better Method of Line Pressurization 

The author prefers nitrogen over dessicated air, but he adds two more steps to manage the pressure.

Field Report: Thermo Bond Buildings 

Thermo Bond designed and built a beautiful building, both aesthetically and functionally, as this review explains.

The application of NEC programs 

The NEC programs offer a great improvement over the slide rule era when the sheer volume of manual operations involved tended to influence full and comprehensive searches for perfection.

Field Report: FM Services TLM-1 

I would recommend you consider the TLM-1 when the need for a tower light monitor arises, especially if you have a tower light circuit where a separate wire is not available for each sidelight and beacon level.

Broadcast Electronics Adds RF Courses 

Courses cover RF fundamentals and HD Radio topics.

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