Kintronic Labs Plans Synchronous AM Booster Demo

NAB Show booth will feature a simulation of the technology April 4, 2017

BRISTOL, Tenn. — Kintronic Labs has unveiled its NAB Show booth plans.

The broadcast tower and transmission manufacturer will demonstrate its synchronous AM booster system with a simulation (illustrated by the block diagram of their equipment setup included here) at booth N8720, according to President and CEO Tom King.

According to King, Kintronic “will have three separate recorded audio sources all on the same frequency feeding three separate HP signal generators, one of which will serve as the reference.” Then, the demo “will adjust the carrier frequency of the two interferers relative to the reference and the desired-to-undesired ratio and compare the combined audio stream in the AM tuner with and without synchronization to illustrate the audio artifacts that occur in the unsynchronized case.”

Learn more about synchronous AM boosters in this recent RF Engineering column from Jeremy Ruck.


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