Threaded mic adapters 

The last time you bought a microphone you may have found a threaded adapter inside the mic clip. Did you wonder what it was for? Here's one application.

Multitaskers are better 

When an item can be used for more than application, it has a greater value.

Securing transmitter sites 

Spring is a good time to verify all gates and fences at the transmitter site are in good order.

How to set LNB power 

Recently several major networks have upgraded their satellite delivery platforms. These new systems are from three incompatible vendors, but all have similar features.

Satellite dish check-up 

It is a good idea to inspect the satellite dish as early in spring as you can, and evict any birds nesting. Later in spring, check for wasps in the feed horn or on the underside of the dish.

HD Radio Time Alignment Tip 

Brian Beezley has documented the audible effects of misaligned time delay and mismatched audio, and he has written a handy utility to help keep the analog and digital elements synchronized.

Rack-mounting computers 

Trouble mounting a computer in a rack? You can try to make do with modified shelves, or get the right hardware for the job.

Headphone Amp Power Upgrade 

Finding new uses of old equipment helps the bottom line. How about getting more power out of a power amp? If the stereo amp can be converted to bridging mode, there's hope.

Repairing Flat-panel monitors 

Most LCD screens were not meant to operate 24/7. Here's a capacitor upgrade that may buy you some extra life.

Poor Man's Satellite Dish Deicer 

After years of relying on the broom method and not having the budget to invest in a commercial deicer, KLJC engineer Glenn Williams devised his own way to keep the ice away.

A Better Method of Line Pressurization 

The author prefers nitrogen over dessicated air, but he adds two more steps to manage the pressure.

Tips for clean and neat wiring, mic support arms, missed cues 

NASA's Crimping, Interconnecting Cables, Harnesses and Wiring publication, a sagging E-V RE-20 arm solution and hard-synced closures.

Tips, tricks, hints and more on mic and headphone cables, and staying organized 

Watch out for snakes Robin Cross, chief engineer at KCUR-FM Kansas City, needed a snake for the station's remote kit. The snake had specific needs for

Tips, tricks, hints and more on finding a cable break 

A simple way to find a cable break is to use the regular telephone tone generator and the inductive amplifier.

Tips, tricks, hints and more 

Many times important supplies go bad on the shelf, especially adhesives and sealants. Cutting and drilling tools dull quickly with heavy use.

Tips on reducing, reusing, and recycling at your station 

There are a lot of useful things thrown out as trash every day. While much of it really is garbage, even a slight glance at another man's trash can yield an unexpected treasure.

Tips, tricks, hints and more for Oct, 2008 

The Dremel handheld rotary drill kit, conversion calculators and more tools for your toolbox.

Tips, tricks, hints and more 

Changes to make for the fall season, the Extech Mini IR thermometer, steel letters and numbers, BNC extractor, and automatic changeovers for backup generators.

Tips on RS-232, serial data, and satellite dish tune-up 

Serial data explained Even though there are faster and easier ways to connect data devices, many older protocols, particularly RS-232, live on. I have

Tips on alternative power supply, road rack wiring, and rubber belts 

Alternative power supplies, road rack wiring and rubber belts.

Top 10 Tech Tips for successful HD radio installation 

Ben Brinitzer has installed a number of HD Radio systems. He shares his top 10 tips for a successful installation

Tips on punching in, light switch modification, mic flags, and fans 

Punching in, leaving the light on, mic identity and staying connected

Tips on vehicle maintenance and wasps and bees 

Vehicle maintenance, checking for leaks, and wasps and bees

Tips on mic booms, mic spring, silent mic boom, lpb mic, analog cell phones, and metric screws 

Flying springs, analog cell phones and extra pieces.

Tips on wall-wart power supplies and leftover 6' cords 

Wart remover, the spaghetti alternative, and send a tip, win a book.

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