Datavideo Intros Live Streaming Production System

January 14, 2015

WHITTIER, CALIF.— Datavideo has released he TVS-1000, a virtual studio in a box. The TVS-1000 includes everything needed to produce a professional virtual studio production, whether recorded or streamed.

The five-in-one design consists of a virtual studio system, a video switcher, a character generator, a video recorder and a streaming encoder.

Users can switch and display media files (pictures and video) as elements of the set or over the full screen. Simply point a single HDMI camera at a green screen, and key in one of over 25 included virtual studio backgrounds to have a professional news set or entertainment show. Or, use the interface to create new environments out of the box. The program output can be recorded to a file and streamed to the Internet simultaneously, using most major content distribution networks.

The TVS-1000 includes a control panel that enables users to switch up to four positions on the virtual set using only one camera. This is possible through the presets in the TVS-1000 allowing the various positions to be switched using a T-bar or buttons.

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