An act of localism 

The Norman Lear Center study of media coverage of the last election has prompted Senator John McCain to introduce a localism bill, which is causing waves.

Digital alternatives 

While a single digital transmission standard has not yet been adopted by the FCC, the industry has already begun moving to IBOC. Despite this, HD Radio isn't the only game in town.


The lines between audio and data are blurred further every day. Recent technology and product introductions take this even further.

Lead, follow or get out of the way 

You may not like what you see and hear with the current activity in analog and digital radio, but you can follow those who are making a new path, take an active part in clearing a different path or stay where you are and be left behind.

Retake the lead 

The biggest competitor seems to be satellite radio, which I admit is not a revelation, but there really isn’t a compelling reason that satellite radio should be viewed as such a threat.

The Ipods are coming 

Radio market shares may appear to be stable, but while the percentage of an audience listening to a station remains the same, the size of that audience is shrinking.

Shades of big brother 

In late June, the FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that sought to require broadcasters to retain recordings of on-air programs during "safe harbor" hours. What does this mean for radio broadcasters?

10 years of progress 

The debate over IBOC is as strong as ever.

When hi-fi meets Wi-Fi 

IBOC may or may not be the perfect solution, but with every other form of audio entertainment media moving to enhanced features and capabilities, terrestrial radio runs the risk of being left behind.

What's in a name? 

I'm hearing a frequent misuse of the most basic term dealing with IBOC.

One bad apple 

The big topic this year will be indecency, thanks to the FCC and the consumer media that keep feeding this monster. It’s amazing how a little skin during a primetime broadcast can become a point of obsession for so many bureaucrats.

The killer app defined 

With the NAB2004 convention just days away, broadcast equipment manufacturers ready their wares for the annual showing while the attendees plan their

The digital age has arrived 

One day we'll look back and remember when the digital age of radio began.

The data dilemma 

IBOC has been officially launched, but what do we do with the data capacity?

Chasing perfection 

The quest for the perfect digital radio system continues.

A missed opportunity 

The Fall convention cycle afforded an overview of the state of digital radio and consumer awareness of it.

A great save 

It appears the Ibiquity team has found a good solution to the audio encoding problem.

Uncommon knowledge 

The saga of LPFM is old news to broadcasters today, but to LPFM supporters, the struggle for a widespread LPFM service continues.

A close call for the 2003 NAB Radio Show 

The 2003 NAB Radio Show nearly misses a great opportunity.

An IBOC roadblock 

In the middle of May, the road to IBOC took a major detour. What has been an ongoing work in progress with a predictable slow and steady pace has been

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