133rd AES Convention Signals Expanded Broadcast/Streaming Media Sessions

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133rd AES Convention Signals Expanded Broadcast/Streaming Media Sessions

Aug 17, 2012 11:55 AM

San Francisco - Aug 16, 2012 - The AES Convention Broadcast/Streaming Sessions have been set for the upcoming convention. David Bialik, as he has for the past 26 years, is chairing the sessions. The 133rd AES Convention is scheduled for Oct. 26-29 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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A rundown of some of the 133rd AES Convention Broadcast And Streaming Media sessions follows.

What Happens to Your Production When Played Back On Diverse Media?
Chair: David Bialik, CBS
Panelists: Frank Foti, Omnia; Greg Ogonowski, Orban; Karlheinz Brandenberg, Fraunhoffer; Steve Greenberg, S-Curve; Robert Orban, Orban; George Massenburg, McGill Universitgy
This all-star panel will address a key production/post production issue. Faced with a plethora of costly and not always compatible formats and playback systems, sound engineers and mixers frequently find their mixes sound remarkably dissimilar when played on various systems and formats. Comprised of leaders in broadcast, streaming, recording, technology and software design and production/ post-production, this panel will discuss common problems and potential solutions.

Facility Design: A User's Evaluation Of Integral Acoustic Products and Materials
Chair, John Storyk
A panel of four leading studio contractors and installation experts will provide a real-world survey of products and acoustic materials commonly (and occasionally) incorporated in critical listening environments. Optimal options for doors, glass, HVAC, variable acoustic panels, furniture, equipment racks and other integral components of today's high-end and budget conscious TV and radio broadcast facilities will be discussed. Contractor recommendations are based on personal field experience. Product considerations are based on their ability to provide cost-effective solutions to a myriad of technical and aesthetic issues.

Stream Distribution - IP in the Mobile Environment>/i>
Moderator: David Layer, NAB
Panelists: Samuel Sousa, Triton Digital; Mike Daskalopoulos, Dolby
The public demands portability for stream listening, whether in handheld mobile devices or cars. This panel will discuss current capabilities, future possibilities, and potential hurdles.

Broadcast Audio Networking Techniques
Panelists: Dan Braverman, Radio Systems; Greg Shay, Telos Alliance; Tag Borland, Logitek
Wiring, routing and configuring broadcast studios has evolved into a sophisticated networking process for audio and control functions This session will explore a variety of established and emerging technologies and techniques for implementing and configuring broadcast studios to accommodate fully networked audio and video control functions.

Understanding Codecs
Panelists: Kirk Harnack, Telos; Chris Tobin, Musicam; JJ Johnston, consultant; Jeff Riedmiller, Dolby
Techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of codecs developed to encode or decode a digital data stream or signal will be discussed in depth.

Other presentation topics include Working with HTML5; Audio Processing Basics; Listener Fatigue and Maintenance, Repair and Troubleshooting.

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