BE Radio Currents Online - Apr 29 - May 05, 2002

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BE Radio Currents Online - Apr 29 - May 05, 2002

May 1, 2002 12:00 PM

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Ibiquity Closes $45 MillionEquity Financing

Columbia, MD and Warren, NJ - Apr 30, 2002 - Ibiquity DigitalCorporation has closed its Series C Financing, indicating that it hadraised $45 million. Susquehanna Radio joins 14 of the 20 largest broadcasters, strategic equipment and automobile manufacturersand leading financial institutions that have previously invested inIbiquity. Most of Ibiquity�s existing investors contributedadditional funds, with Grotech, JP Morgan Partners, New VenturePartners and Pequot Capital leading the round.

Ibiquity stated that the proceeds raised through this financing roundwill fully fund the company's operations through commercialization toprofitability. Ibiquity noted that the completion of this funding roundis indicative of its investor�s confidence in the company's IBOCtechnology and business prospects.

AEQ Helps Broadcast atthe Winter Olympics

Salt Lake City - Apr 29, 2002 - The sound set-up and transmissionfor all the commentators at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City wasdone with an AEQ DCS 10 digital commentary system. A total of 450commentary units were deployed at the 13 Olympic venues. From each one,as many as three reporters and a guest could participate. They wereremotely operated from a PC at each venue, which was connected to thecommentary control units, each of whose modules acted on a commentaryunit. Operation could be monitored and errors prevented and correctedif necessary.

AEQ also supplied a commentary switching center in the InternationalBroadcasting Center, which was the nerve center where the circuitscoming from the venues were received and supervised. Circuitdistribution frames were installed and connected to more than 100 48 x2-circuit patch panels, AEQ DA16T audio distribution amplifiers, AEQ IN02 intercoms, AEQ SSR 10 line identifiers, audio quality monitors, VUmeters and video monitors.

The European Broadcasting Union used a 400 x 400-circuit AEQ Impactcaddy-switching matrix with digital technology. Its exclusive softwareapplication incorporates a booking management system that implemented,in real time, the necessary switching between the circuits from thevenues and the international circuits destined for each broadcaster,and following the production of the multilateral television signaldistributed to all of Europe through the Eurovision network.


BTSG Software Ownership, ServiceReturns

Jonesboro, LA - May 1, 2002 - The Broadcast Technical Services Groupagain controls BTSG Software. Since November, 2000, BTSG products havebeen marketed by Scott Studios of Dallas and customers of Scott willcontinue to receive support from Scott. New customers should now dealdirectly with BTSG at 318-395-8410 or

Past BTSG customers can contact the company for support assistance orproducts. BTSG will offer limited-time extended support and assistance,as well as some free software upgrades for many past customers who maybe currently out of warranty. For details on these extensions, or toverify eligibility, visit the BTSG website at

Wheatstone AnnouncesSupport for Stardraw

Phil Owens of Wheatstone and David Snippof Stardraw.

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Las Vegas - Apr 12, 2002 - Following's entry into thebroadcast market at the recent NAB with Stardraw Radio, Wheatstone hasannounced its full support of the Stardraw Radio package across itsentire product range. The partnership between Stardraw andmanufacturers such as Wheatstone offers both parties a way of addingvalue to their products and supporting their customers.

Because today's radio consolidation projects involve increasinglycomplex integration of consoles, routers and peripheral equipment,Wheatstone is able to use the tools to generate high quality pre-salesengineering documents and incorporate that information into itsproduction phase documentation. The symbols libraries, which will sooninclude the entire Wheatstone product line, help to streamlineWheatstone's documentation process and allow the broadcast industrywith greater access to its products in a way that can improve businessfor all parties involved.

Sirius Up to 18 States forService

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New York - May 1, 2002 - Sirius Satellite Radio has begun service inseven additional states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri,Nevada, Oklahoma and Utah. The Sirius accelerated rollout brings thetotal number of states served to 18. By late May, service willofficially be available throughout the entire Midwest region, afterwhich Sirius will concentrate on the Southeast.

The new service launch follows Sirius' announcement to move itsnationwide service launch date up by one month. The move also focusedon launching service by states and not just by cities.

Sirius was already available in the following states: Arizona,Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, NorthDakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, plus the original service launchcities of Houston and Jackson, MS.

Nassau Taps StratosAudio forInteractivity

Century City, CA, and Princeton, NJ - Apr 29, 2002 - NassauBroadcasting Partners LP has signed an agreement with StratosAudio toenable interactivity with conventional FM radio with the first liveinstallations to be put in place by July of this year. Nassau is thefirst broadcast group to incorporate interactivity into itsconventional FM radio stations.

Nassau announced that the first station to go live will be 97.5 WPST,which serves the Philadelphia area, with plans to extend interactivityto other Nassau properties upon successful completion of initial tests.StratosAudio�s interactive services provide consumers with theability to immediately identify and purchase on-air content such asmusic and advertisements during a radio broadcast.

StratosAudio�s worldwide patent-pending technology will allowradio listeners and mobile phone users to instantly purchase music andother content, and respond to advertisements and talk shows at thepress of a button while listening to conventional radio. The company isbeginning its service in Europe and the U.S.

Harris Signs a Deal withAPT

Belfast - Apr 29, 2002 - APT has signed a licensing deal with Harristhat allows Harris to use software versions of APT's algorithm in anumber of its products. For years APT has supplied Harris with itsApt-X data compression algorithm on the original APTX100ED chip for OEMuse in Harris' range of STL multiplex units.

As its range of products requiring Apt-X grew, Harris decided tolicense not only the traditional 16-bit APT algorithm, but also the newenhanced version that offers significant improvements in sound qualityand delay time. Harris will be incorporating the software into a rangeof new products that will be developed and released over the next 18months.

Omnia Enters Agreement withCrown

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Omnia Audio has entered into an agreementwith Crown Broadcast to develop a digital audio processor that willintegrate directly with the FM transmitters produced by CrownBroadcast. Under the agreement Omnia will design an audio processorcontained on a card that plugs directly into the chassis of CrownBroadcast FM-series radio transmitters. Specific audio and technicaldetails of the Omnia plug-in processor will be released at a laterdate.

Dutch Broadcaster Upgrades toApt-X

Belfast - Apr 29, 2002 - Omroep Brabant, one of the largest regionalradio and television company in the Netherlands, has committed itsentire network to APT's Enhanced Apt-X algorithm forstudio-to-transmitter and studio-to-studio links. The Belfast-basedcompany has incorporated the data compression algorithms into itstransmission chain. The network had featured a combination of APT NLSand BCF codecs, but with the recent introduction of Enhance Apt-X,Omroep Brabant felt it was time to upgrade.

Ednet Places Monthly Orderwith APT

Belfast - Apr 29, 2002 - Codec-manufacturer APT has received anon-going monthly order from its main U.S. distributor, EntertainmentDigital Network, for its new Worldnet Milano ISDN codec. Since itslaunch, EDNET has supplied Milano units to NFL Films, Audio RecordingUnlimited, Sonart Production, Magnetic Studios, Film Roman and FooteCone Belding.

EDNET has played a significant role in the worldwide distribution ofAPT products since 1995, when it first began selling the DSM100/ProlinkDigital Audio Codec throughout the U.S. EDNET handles North Americantechnical support of APT's audio codecs for all markets.

Aztec Radiomedia ReceivesOrder for 116 SPX420

Strasbourg - Apr 29, 2002 - IDMS has ordered 116 SPX420 networkeddigital audio cards from Aztec Radiomedia. The SPX420 cards, an OEMversion of Aztec Radiomedia's Hitplayer networked digital audio system,will be installed in underground metro stations in Brussels. The audioequipment will provide mainly traffic and customer announcements andsecurity alerts in the underground metro stations. IDMS plans toinstall the equipment by July 2002.

Liberty Wire Builds aNew Headquarters

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Liberty Wire and Cable is building its newheadquarters in Colorado Springs, CO. Scheduled to begin constructionin the third quarter of this year, the facility will be 35,000 squarefeet. Office space will be 8,500 square feet and the rest of the spacewill be dedicated to warehousing, manufacturing, production of cableassemblies and a wide range of custom work including printing andbundling. Liberty plans move into the facility by January 2003.

Maxell ReorganizesStaff, Publishes Booklets

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Maxell has reorganized its engineering andproduct development staff into the Maxell Technical Marketing SupportGroup to help customers navigate the increasingly complex array ofblank media choices available to them.

The group consists of three engineering professionals, each withspecialties in magnetic or optical media, and charged with supervisingMaxell's telephone and on-line customer service resources, developingand publishing brochures and other explanatory documents andperiodically meeting directly with customers to explain newtechnologies and formats.

The company has also recently published a care and handling booklet forits professional and broadcast magnetic media products, as well as awhite paper and frequently asked questions document on the variousavailable forms of DVD. The Care and Handling of Magnetic Mediais a 15-page guide that covers 18 topics, including storage andarchiving, stray magnetic fields and temperature considerations. TheDVD documents explore the development of DVD technology and outlinesthe various format differences.

DK-Audio Open U.S. andGerman Offices

Copenhagen - Apr 29, 2002 - Danish metering company DK-Audio hasopened two new sales offices, one in the U.S. and one in Germany, tocapitalize on the sales potential in these markets. In the U.S.,DK-Audio's existing distribution deals with TC-Electronic and LeaderInstruments will continue, while the new offices will expanddistribution of the company's products further. In Germany, AudioExport G.Neumann, which has been DK-Audio's German distributor forseveral years, will continue to handle the company's range of audiometering products.

RDA Systems Teams WithWheatstone

New Bern, NC, and Maryland Heights, MO - Apr 8, 2002 - Wheatstoneand RDA Systems have signed an agreement wherein RDA will base itssystem designs and installation services around Wheatstone�s fullrange of products. Wheatstone manufactures television and on-air radioaudio consoles, professional audio equipment and studio furniture underthe Wheatstone, Audioarts Engineering and Auditronics brand names fromits facility in New Bern, NC. RDA Systems has provided consulting,design and installation services for domestic US and overseasprojects.

A Wheatstone Factory Qualified Systems Integrator, RDA Systems isfamiliar with the entire Wheatstone, Audioarts and Auditronics productlines, including the new Bridge audio routing system. WheatstoneFactory Qualified Systems Integrators are trained in Wheatstonetechnologies and are able to design and install any Wheatstone product.RDA Systems was the first systems integrator to receive factory-trainedcertification when the program launched in 2000.


Soundcraft Names StaddonProduct Development Director

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Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, England - May 2, 2002 -Soundcraft�s worldwide headquarters in the UK has promoted IanStaddon to the position of product development director, a newlycreated role at the head of a team of experienced product managers.Staddon will assume responsibility for Soundcraft�s strategicproduct development activities, including market research, new productdefinitions and specifications, project management and new productintroductions.

Staddon, who has been with Soundcraft for more than 10 years, hasworked in purchasing, project management, production and sales, wherehis most recent role had been regional sales manager for Asia and SouthAmerica. Prior to joining Soundcraft, he started his pro audio careerat Bandive over 16 years ago, where he moved up to production managerfor the last SECK range of mixers.

TC Group Reorganizes FollowingMerger

Risskov, Denmark - May 2, 2002 - As a result of the recent merger ofTGI plc. and TC Group, some changes have been made in the Tannoy and TCElectronic management. While maintaining his position as CEO at TCGroup, Anders Fauerskov relocates to Scotland, and joins Tannoy as CEOon May 1, 2002, replacing Henny Groenendijk. Groenendijk will be incharge of Tannoy B.V., as well as a member of the newly formed Board ofTannoy, and will be involved directly in the distribution aspects inEurope and Austral-Asia.

Also on May 1, vice president of sales and marketing at TC Electronic,Mads Peter L�beck, will take on the position of COO at TCElectronic in Denmark. L�beck has been with TC Electronic for morethan 10 years. He held the position as vice president of sales andmarketing for the last three years. During this time he successfullyimplemented a new distribution and sales setup in Europe.

Additionally, Simon Sinclair, national sales manager at TC U.S., willmove to Scotland replacing Derek West as sales director at Tannoy.Sinclair has been with TC for more than three years. Michaela Dolphinhas been appointed as national sales manager at TC US.

ERI Adds Southeast SalesPosition

Chandler, IN - Feb 15, 2002 - Jim Thomason has joined the ERI staffas area sales manager. Thomason will assume responsibility for sales ofall ERI products and services in the Southeastern U.S., includingFlorida, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina,Mississippi and Alabama.

In 1994, Thomason joined Harris Broadcast, quickly advancing to digitalproduct specialist. In 1998, he was appointed district sales manager,primarily focusing on Harris transmitters and associated RF products.Thomason has been active with NAB papers, as a panelist in national andregional shows and workshops, and presentations for several SBE chapterprograms on latest technology.

Crest Audio Adds Staff

Denver - Apr 25, 2002 - Crest Audio has expanded its staff by two.Mike Cook has been promoted to contracting products sales engineer.Cook will now be responsible for overseeing pre- and post-sale supportof contractor products, including Nexsys computer controlled amplifiersystems. cooked formerly served in various positions at Crest,including positions in technical services and engineering.

Eric Oppenheimer has been appointed eastern regional sales manager. Hepreviously worked as sales manager for Parker Guitars, and conductedproduct-training seminars for national sales representatives and dealernetworks at Samson Technologies.

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Audio-Technica Announces NewSales Manager

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Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Tracy Brefka joins Audio-Technica as salesmanager, professional products. In this position, Brefka will managesales territories in upstate New York, New England, EasternPennsylvania, Michigan, Delaware, Souther New Jersey, Texas, Oklahoma,Louisiana, Arkansas and Southern California. Brefka first joinedAudio-Technica in 1990 as inside sales representative, and then waspromoted to assistant sales manager.

Will-Burt names CEO

Orrville, OH - Jan 24, 2002 - Jeffrey Evans has been named presidentof the Will-Burt Company. Evans has been with Will-Burt since 1994.Evans will be responsible for strategically focusing the company'sefforts domestically and internationally.

Sabine Adds Bull, Motel andFerkovich

Alachua, FL - Apr 29, 2002 - Sabine, a manufacturer of audio DSPproducts, has added three people to its staff.

Robert Bull joins Sabine as corporate quality engineer. Before joiningSabine, Bull was general manager at Atkins Electrical, Gainesville,FL.

Byra Ferkovich has joined the engineering department. Ferkovichreceived his electrical engineering degree from the University ofFlorida and spent the last six years working for the University ofRochester at its laboratory for laser energetics.

Joel Motel joins Sabine as the director of north american sales. Priorto joining Sabine, Motel held the positions of regional sales managerfor BSS Audio and national sales manager for Klark Teknik. Motel willbe responsible for sales, long-term strategic planning, managing thesales team, and overseeing and training sales representatives.

Liberty Appoints TwoExecutives

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Liberty Wire and Cable has appointed JerryDixon as vice president of broadcast and integration, west. Dixon willassume responsibility for all of Liberty's broadcast and integrationsales activities for states west of the Mississippi River. Dixon comesto LIberty with a background in sales and marketing management.

Rusty Pafford has been appointed national sales manager of thebroadcast division at Liberty. Pafford joins the company with more than20 years of experience in the consumer and business electronicsindustry. His background consists of positions dealing with videocameras, switchers, editors and various monitors focused primarily onthe broadcast market.


Smarts and On Air Digital GoNon-proprietary

Emmetsburg, IA - May 3, 2002 - Smarts Broadcast Systems and On AirDigital have introduced a new generation of digital audio products thateliminate the necessity for expensive, proprietary audio cards. Companypresident John Schad said that the new product reflects the united goalof both companies: to produce reliable, cost-effective digital audiosystems using minimal proprietary technology.

The new product uses an auxiliary computer running under either Linuxor Windows XP, handling any needed audio compression in the computeritself, and not on the card. The Linux operating system is particularlyappealing for broadcast audio applications, according to Schad, becauseof its stability and scalability. With the elimination of proprietaryaudio cards, hardware costs have been substantially reduced without anydegradation in audio quality.

This allows the companies' products to use virtually any audio card,including inexpensive Sound Blasters in new systems. Customers canchoose any audio quality they desire, and the overall system prices arestill lower than before. The new products will play virtually anycomputer audio file, including MPEG layer II, layer III, PCM-WAV, BWFand apt-X. Most files can be mixed and matched and played back to backor overlapped.

The technology was made possible when Smarts acquired On Air Digital.The company states that On Air had already developed a strong Linuxtechnology that dovetailed nicely with the development efforts atSmarts. The acquisition allowed Smarts to move its product to marketseveral years ahead of the original timeline.

Currently the product runs with the Smartcaster and the UltimateDigital Studio systems. User interfaces on the drawing board include afull Linux graphics interface and an HTML interface that will allowcontrol of the systems from any computer on the Internet, without anyspecial software. Schad expects that this will be particularly valuablefor smaller stations that want to run unattended for long periods oftime and have some way of controlling the system from their home orother remote location. In the past, this required a dedicated modem andphone line. In time, Smarts expects the control to be available bygoing to a site on the Internet.

Fujifilm's Recorder IncreasesCapacity

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Fuji Photo Film's Nano Cubic magneticrecording technology increases the capacity of magnetic media. Thisproduct features an ultra-thin layer coating, which can produce higherresolution for recording digital data, ultra-low noise and highsignal-to-noise ratios that are useful for magneto-resisitive heads.The technology is capable of combining data cartridge and digitalvideotape into one-terabyte native (uncompressed) capacities and floppydisk capacities to 2 gigabytes. The 1TB could store many as 200two-hour movies.

NPR Buys 25 Neumann U 87Ai Micsfor New LA Facility

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Washington, DC - Apr 29, 2002 - National Public Radio recentlypurchased 25 Neumann U 87 Ai/Set Z large diaphragm condensermicrophones for its new Los Angeles facility. Most of the microphonesare destined for spoken word applications. Now in the final stages ofconstruction, the new facility is scheduled to go on the air inSeptember 2002.

Legendary for their attention to detail and audiophile expectations,NPR engineers use the Neumann U 87 extensively in their Washington, DC,facility as the gold standard in fidelity. Heir to the technology of along line of U-series microphones that stretch back to the early yearsof sound recording, the U 87 came onto the scene during the late 60s.The current incarnation boasts a 6dB signal-to-noise ratio improvementwhile maintaining quality sound.