BE Radio Currents Online - Dec 24, 2001 - Jan 06, 2002

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BE Radio Currents Online - Dec 24, 2001 - Jan 06, 2002

Dec 1, 2001 12:00 PM

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FCC's Abernathy Adds PublicInterest

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Washington, DC - Dec 11, 2001 - Commissioner Kathleen Q. Abernathyrelaunched her Commission website with several new features to makeinformation and her office more accessible. One item of note is theNews You Can Use page. Commissioner Abernathy describes the Webpage as a feature that will focus focus on one public interest issue toraise awareness outside the Beltway and highlight the Commission's roleand her own views on the issue. She will also incorporate the effortinto her speeches. The first issue she covered was slamming.

The Commissioner's redesigned website now allows for a web-basedmeeting request form through which interested parties may requestmeetings with the Commissioner and her staff. The website also featuresa new personalized links section, a photo gallery, and an intern page.The Commissioner plans for the website to continue to evolve andimprove over time.

TDGA 2001 Salary Survey Shows11.4% Increase

Jan 2, 2002 - The 2nd Annual Traffic Directors Guild of AmericaSalary Survey of traffic directors, business managers and officepersonnel has been compiled, and is currently in the distribution phaseto all participants and members of the membership association. Theannual measurement seeks to track trends in public and commercial radiosectors, and this year provided data from 1,392 individual or multiplestation clusters. The first survey only provided useable data from 477stations. The Guild indicated that its margin of error had beensignificantly reduced and the data was closer to anticipated criteriasuch as higher pay levels in larger market sizes, etc. The survey alsoprovides data on benefits, job satisfaction, growing workloads createdby the growth of clusters or multi-station centralizedconfigurations.

The median income for all office personnel, dealing with program logsand/or billing procedures was calculated at $29,756.87. This figurecombines data from public and commercial radio stations reporting tothe Traffic Directors Guild of America study. This showed a significantincrease over the initial study, conducted in 2000, when the mediaincome level was $26,717.59 in salaries or wages. Benefits such asmedical, dental or vision are not included in the media incomefigures.

Full Reports are expected to be ready for distribution to respondents,and published on the TDGA website ( in mid-January 2002.

WTC Funds to AssistBroadcasters

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New York - Dec 27, 2001 - When the World Trade Center collapsed,four FM stations and nine TV stations lost their transmitterfacilities. As part of the $8.2 billion emergency aid package thatCongress approved for New York City, an $8.2 million appropriation hasbeen set aside to rebuild the lost transmitter facility. While a new,freestanding tower-is estimated to cost between $30 million to $40million, the NY Times reported that the money was sought by local TVstations that predicted substantial advertising revenue losses as theresult of their weaker, temporary signals. It is estimated that mostlocal TV stations lost 10% to 35% of their audiences after September 11when they were forced to relocate to alternate sites. The FM stations,WPAT-FM, WNYC-FM, WKTU-FM and WKCR-FM, have all relocated tosemi-permanent sites.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) lobbied for the broadcaster funds.

It is not known at this time if the estimated cost to providefull-power facilities will be spent on improving the Empire StateBuilding (ESB) site or building a new tower site. It is also possiblethat both options may receive attention. The ESB would requiresubstantial structural work to accommodate the required transmissionequipment.


Sony and TC Works AnnounceCollaboration

New York - Jan 4, 2002 - John Richards, senior manager of SonyOxford Pro Audio Research and Development, and Ralf Schl�nzen, CEOof TC Works, have announced that the two companies will be working incollaboration to develop plug-ins for the new TC PowerCore DSP-card,based on the processing algorithms developed for Sony's digital mixingconsoles. The Sony plug-ins are expected to be available for thePowerCore by Spring 2002.

Sony's Oxford team has already developed a high-precision TDM plug-infor Digidesign Pro Tools, based on the EQ processing algorithms for theOXF-R3 and DMX-R100, that offers previously unavailable on-boardequalization power in a digital audio workstation.

The Sony plug-in for PowerCore will achieve the same performance as theversion for Pro Tools or the consoles, thanks to the double precisionprocessing capability of the PowerCore DSP chip throughout andsignificantly for both audio processing and coefficientgeneration.

This is the first in a new range of plug-ins designed to offer thesound of Sony's digital recording consoles to users of computer-baseddigital audio editing systems and workstations.

All commercial enquiries for the new Sony plug-ins are handled by adedicated Web site ( The site, which came onlineon September 17, includes detailed product specification and providescustomer support. Purchases are made using a fully automated e-commercedownload system, so enabling the creative use of the product withinminutes of the decision to buy.

Audio Precision and DigigramUnveil Testing Capabilities

Grenoble, France, and Beaverton, OR - Jan 4, 2002 - Digigram andAudio Precision, two leaders in professional audio, have teamed up tobring users comprehensive testing capabilities for Digigram soundcards. Audio Precision has released a special Digigram version of itsApplication Note for PC audio device performance tests. The free CD-ROMcan be used with Audio Precision's System Two or System Two Cascadeaudio analyzers.

Sadie Appoints WestlakeAudio as Sales Representative

New York, NY - Jan 4, 2002 - Digital audio workstation manufacturerSadie announces the appointment of Westlake Audio of Los Angeles as anauthorized sales representative. Jeff Giedt, vice president sales andsupport for Sadie, announced the selection of Westlake Audio as part ofSadie's newly enacted sales representation program for its professionalaudio products.

MCI Earns ISO Certification

Manchester, NH - Jan 4, 2002 - Micro Communications, Inc. (MCI) hasachieved ISO 9001:2000 certification for manufacturing quality controlthrough the NSF-ISR organization. Ken Blackford, ISO managementrepresentative, and Bill Reynolds, ISO 9001:2000 consultant, haveworked together to earn the ISO certification. ISO document coordinatorPenny Vigneault prepared the procedures, forms and flow charts thatcame with the ISO certification process.

Multicast Technologies Streams FMG

Fairfax, VA - Jan 2, 2002 - The Future of Music Coalition( announced that Virginia-based MulticastTechnologies ( has been selected to stream thevideo of the coalition's key conferences online. The Future of MusicCoalition Policy Summit, scheduled for January 7 to 8, 2002, in GastonHall at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, is intended to unitethe media, citizens, creators of music, elected officials and policymakers on the topics of opportunities and effects of new and emergingtechnologies. Both days' events will frame the discussion with aclear-eyed focus on guarding the value of music for musicians, andguarding access to music for citizens.

For the Future of Music Coalition, Multicast Technologies will recordthe Policy Summit in order to provide archival coverage of the eventand offer video-on-demand (VOD) of some key panels, using the company'slatest technology, Digital Express (DEx) to distribute these large datafiles over the Internet. The Policy Summit will include keynotes byRepresentative Rick Boucher, Co-Chair, Congressional Internet Caucus;Representative John Conyers Jr., Ranking Minority Member, HouseJudiciary Committee; CA State Senator Kevin Murray, Chair, SelectCommittee on the Entertainment Industry; and Konrad Hilbers, CEO,Napster. All of these and others will be made available throughvideo-on-demand using DEx.

DAR Restructures With Amek

The new Amek headquarters.

Manchester, England - Jan 2, 2002 - Harman International Industrieshas announced a restructuring program for Digital Audio Research (DAR),involving a relocation of the business to the new Amek Manchesterlocation. The DAR products will benefit from AMEK's manufacturingfacilities, ensuring product consistency and reliability.

The current DAR product range encompasses:

  • the SoundStation STORM networked audio workstation. Capable ofhandling large projects, SoundStation STORM is scaleable up to 128internal tracks and supports sampling rates of up to 96kHz, plus 16 and24-bit operation.
  • the 24-bit 8-track OMR8 disk recorder/editor system
  • the Trigger Audio Replay System - an instant-replay system fortelevision productions, as well as for radio, theatre and liveevents.

Mackie DesignsAnnounces Alliance with Universal Audio

Jamie Engen, CEO of Mackie, and Bill Putnam, CEO of UniversalAudio.

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Woodinville, WA - Dec 21, 2001 � Mackie Designs, manufacturerof professional analog and digital audio products and Universal Audio,developers of analog recording equipment and digital signal processingtools, announced a strategic partnership in which Mackie will marketand distribute a series of DSP-based software tools developed byUniversal Audio.

The first Universal Audio-developed product to become part of theMackie family will be the UAD-1 Powered Plug-Ins� forWindows-based, VST compatible software including Cubase VST, LogicAudio, Nuendo and others. A Macintosh version that includes support forMark of The Unicorn�s Digital Performer will be available nextyear.

The UAD-1�s dedicated DSP hardware reduces the burden on acomputer�s host processor, allowing for plug-in effects. Theultra-high speed processing capability of the UAD-1�s high-speedDSP chip allows native workstation users to run professional qualitypowered plug-ins without bogging down the host processor.

The included powered plug-ins feature software emulations of theTeletronix LA-2A leveling amplifier and 1176LN leveling amplifier. Alsoincluded are the RealVerb Pro, and UAD CS-1 channel strip withequalizer/compressor, delay demodulator and reflection engine.

Currently available in limited distribution, powered plug-ins will soonbe available at Mackie dealers worldwide as the Mackie Powered Plug-InsSystem and will include all available Universal Audio-developedplug-ins as well as the UAD-1 PCI card.


AKG Acoustics U.S.Announces Organizational Changes

Nashville, TN - Jan 4, 2002 - In a move that aligns its staff tobest serve its customers and streamline its product developmentprocess, AKG Acoustics U.S. announced several appointments at itsNashville headquarters. Tom Stotler is now market development managerfor Music Retail and Touring Sound; Doug Kittle is market developmentmanager for Recording and Broadcast; and Shareen King joins the companyas marketing coordinator.

In their new positions, Tom Stotler and Doug Kittle are charged withincreasing AKG�s sales and marketplace presence as well asdeveloping product and application training programs. The pair willalso work directly with AKG worldwide headquarters in Vienna toidentify new product requirements and test those products during thedevelopment stages. In addition, they will work closely with the AKGmarketing department to generate materials and products for tradeshows, retail displays and other environments to increase AKG'svisibility.

Both Kittle and Stotler were formerly regional sales managers for thecompany. As market development managers, the two join Kevin Madden, whowas recently appointed market development manager for Installed Sound.These three report to Tracy Cranton, vice president of marketdevelopment.

Shareen King has joined AKG Acoustics U.S. as marketing coordinator.King is responsible for AKG�s trade shows and literature and willassist marketing manager Sarita Stewart in day-to-day operations of themarketing department. King came to AKG from Qwest Digital Media.

Audio-Technica U.S. AnnouncesCompany Appointments

Stowe, OH - Jan 4, 2002 - Microphone manufacturer Audio-Technica U.Shas recently made several new appointments. Gary Boss has been namedmarketing director and will be responsible for directing the company'soverall marketing efforts in the MI, studio, live sound, fixedinstallation and consumer audio markets. Two product managers have beennamed to oversee current and future product development: MichaelEdwards has been appointed product manager, wired microphones andheadphones; and Bob Green has been appointed product manager, wirelessand circuitry products. Steve Savanyu has been named marketing manager,training and seminars. Savanyu will develop and implement producttraining and seminar programs geared to Audio-Technica reps, dealersand end users. Jeff Simcox has been appointed marketing communicationsdirector. In his new position, Simcox will be responsible for guidingthe company's advertising, collateral, internet and public relationsefforts.

MCI Announces PersonnelChanges

Manchester, NH - Jan 4, 2002 - Micro Communications, Inc. (MCI)welcomes Paul Baptiste as its new mechanical designer, replacing KenBlackford in the engineering department. Baptiste has 28 years ofexperience in machine design and project engineering. He ran his owndesigning company, Deerfield Design, before coming to MCI.


Ken Blackford has been promoted to manufacturing manager. His moveto the production facility brings solid technical knowledge to themanufacturing floor, and his project management experience will come tobear as he leads future porduction activities. Blackford has also takenon the responsibility of ISO management representative and was the mainforce behind MCI's recent ISO 9001:2000 certification.

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