BE Radio Currents Online from NAB2002 - Apr 08 - Apr 14, 2002

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BE Radio Currents Online from NAB2002 - Apr 08 - Apr 14, 2002

Apr 1, 2002 12:00 PM

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Ibiquity and Enco to Testand Market Delivery of Wireless Data

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Ibiquity Digital, developer and licenser of digital AM and FM broadcast technology in the U.S., and Detroit-based Enco Systems announced that they will test and market the delivery of IBOC AM and FM digital wireless data via the Enco DADpro32 system. The companies have also agreed to test the benefits of implementing Ibiquity's audio compression software on the DADpro32 system.

Ibiquity Digital's IBOC technology allows broadcasters to seamlessly transmit digital quality audio alongside existing analog-based broadcasts and delivers wireless data simultaneously for a variety of consumer applications. In the future, in-vehicle and home digital radios, and potentially a host of consumer electronics devices, will receive wireless data transmitted by AM and FM digital radio stations.

Ibiquity Launches AM,FM IBOC with Full Support

Las Vegas - Apr 10, 2002 - Ibiquity Digital introduced technology enabling AM and FM stations to begin broadcasting digitally. Broadcast transmission equipment manufacturers Harris, Broadcast Electronics and Nautel are introducing IBOC exciters at the 2002 NAB convention in Las Vegas.

Through the integration of the digital exciters being introduced into existing operations, stations can begin offering higher audio quality and enhanced reception. In addition, IBOC has been designed to occur simultaneously with the station's existing analog transmission and within the existing spectrum allocation.

The AM IBOC technology is endorsed by the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC). The NRSC recommends that the FCC authorize the technology as an enhancement to the current analog AM broadcasting system in the U.S. for daytime usage. The committee, which is jointly sponsored by the NAB and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), wrote in its report that "IBOC offers a chance to revitalize AM broadcasting -- offering near FM-quality stereo reception." The NRSC endorsed the use of Ibiquity's FM IBOC system in November 2001.

Based on the test results available, the NRSC urged the FCC to move forward immediately with approval of AM IBOC as a daytime service. The committee also recognized IBOC will provide new data services and improved immunity from reception problems associated with analog AM radio. Ibiquity intends to continue to work with the NRSC to provide additional information about the nighttime operation of AM IBOC, with the goal of obtaining an endorsement of nighttime service in the near future.

Following the announcement by major broadcasters supporting the introduction of Ibiquity's IBOC Digital AM and FM technology, retailers including Crutchfield, Good Guys, Tweeter, Ultimate Electronics and The Progressive Retailers Organization, voiced their support for the consumer launch in 2003. These retailers provide the primary distribution channel in the major markets for consumer electronics manufacturers such as Kenwood, Alpine, Harman/Kardon and JVC.

DRM Presents Live Demonstrationsat NAB 2002

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), the on-air system that will revitalize the AM broadcasting bands below 30MHz in markets worldwide, will have a strong presence at NAB 2002. Members of the DRM Consortium will offer live demonstrations of the DRM system at their LVCC booths and will present a DRM technical paper during the convention.

DRM Live Demonstrations and Information:
IDT Continental Electronics Booth - DRM member IDT Continental Electronics of Dallas, in cooperation with DRM members TELEFUNKEN SenderSysteme Berlin AG and Fraunhofer IIS-A, as well as radio station WEWN in Birmingham, AL, will demonstrate live broadcasts of DRM at its booth (L2763, Radio Hall, LVCC).

The transmissions will be from the WEWN short-wave radio station in Birmingham, AL, using an IDT Continental Electronics manufactured model 420C 500kW transmitter and a TELEFUNKEN designed and built DRM exciter. The broadcast frequencies used for this test will be licensed WEWN frequencies of 5825, 7520, 9975, 11875 and 13615 kilohertz. The special receiver for these test broadcasts will be provided by TELEFUNKEN using digital decoding techniques developed by Fraunhofer IIS-A.

Sirius Inducted Into Hall ofFame

New York - Apr 2, 2002 - On Apr. 11, 2002, Sirius Satellite Radio will be inducted into the Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame. Each year the space foundation honors innovators who transform technology originally developed for space into commercial products.

Sirius is being recognized for its satellite radio service. Following the company's service launch that began in February, Sirius will offer service to 39 states over the coming weeks, with full nationwide distribution available July 1.

Engineer Relief Funds Gains NewContributor

Indianapolis and Las Vegas - Apr 7, 2002 - The SBE Broadcast Engineer Relief Fund has received contributions totaling $254,367. Disbursements to the six families have totaled $246,000.

The SBE had an active role in the opening ceremony for the NAB2002 Broadcast Engineering Conference. The Ennes Trust and SBE have also given their approval for the fund to be one of two 9/11 related charitable funds that will receive the proceeds from the sale of a new book titled Covering Catastrophe from Bonus Books. The book covers the events of 9/11 as seen by the journalists who covered the events. The book can be purchased through the SBE Bookstore.

SBE's EFD Releases V1.20

Indianapolis and Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - The SBE's Engineering Friendly Documentation Project, a project designed to standardize broadcast equipment design templates for use in CAD programs, has formed two working groups. The Project, currently working under version 1.20, has divided its members into a core working group consisting of the active members and a committee at large, consisting of the inactive project members.

The project update to version 1.20 includes minor changes dealing with manufacturer contact information. The Project has released a new CD with complete details about the status of the EFD project. The info can also be viewed online at


EAV Technology to DistributeSonifex in Australia

Melbourne, Australia - Apr 15, 2002 - EAV Technology has been appointed as the Australian distributor for the Sonifex line of products. Melbourne-based EAV Technology is a broadcast electronics supplier that has supported the Australian broadcast industry for more than 20 years.

BSI, Broadcast ComputersHelp Rebuild Afghanistan

Eugene, OR - Apr 10, 2002 - Broadcast Software International (BSI) and Broadcast Computers have teamed up to supply computer software for the first radio stations to go on the air in Afghanistan since the war on terrorism began.

The initial phase of the project is being undertaken by the UK's BBC, who selected the Simian digital automation system for Radio Kabul. The BBC looked to BSI distributor Broadcast Computers in the UK, who helped them with a similar project in Kosovo a year ago. International funding will see the project through.

In continuing service to the BBC, BSI and Broadcast Computers will provide four additional Simian systems for new BBC World Service programs broadcast to the former Soviet Union.

Fairlight AcquiresIntellectual Property of DSP Media

Las Vegas - Apr 7, 2002 � Fairlight has acquired the intellectual property of the now-defunct DSP Media, which includes DSP�s V motion and AV transfer products. Fairlight launched new releases of AV transfer and V motion as Fairlight branded products at NAB 2002.

The V motion Hard Disk Video Player/Recorder is a comprehensive and user-friendly device for post production. V motion is designed to replace all conventional analog and digital VTRs, offering high-capacity hard-disk storage, editing, comprehensive networking capability and 48kHz/16-bit integrated digital audio. V motion is simple, powerful and effective, creating in a single system the ability to build networked post production facilities in any configuration.

The V motion system's interface allows its users to attain new levels of creative freedom. The touch-sensitive screen comprises the main playback monitor bordered by 20 Locator Tiles (screen images) that allow users to position edits on a frame-by-frame basis. This performance is available in PAL and NTSC and in either DV-25 or uncompressed video formats. Functionality includes standard video editing commands such as move, copy, paste, top, split, tail and rotate, allowing the picture to be conformed without rerecording. Multiple playlists may also be stored with each project.

AV transfer utility is a software hub that handles all pro audio formats. With AV transfer, any professional digital audio file format can be accessed, played, converted, manipulated, imported and exported, all from a single software program. AV transfer allows users to open, play and export audio files and projects in all current leading professional formats, including AES 31, OMF v1 and v2, AIFF, WAV, BWAV and more. AV transfer will allow imports and exports between a variety of major workstation platforms, including Fairlight, Avid, Lightworks, Digidesign, AMS Neve, Apple, SADiE, Waveframe, Tascam, AKAI, Final Cut Pro and others.

Sirius Available inEleven States

New York - Apr 10, 2002 - Sirius Satellite Radio has made its service available in 11 states as part of its accelerated nationwide roll out plan. Listeners can now get Sirius in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. Sirius plans to activate an additional seven states by the end of the month.

These new service additions come after last month's announcement that Sirius was moving up its nationwide service availability date by one month, to July 1 instead of August 1, and that it was increasing the scope of that acceleration to include entire states instead of just individual cities.

RCS on Tour all Summer

New York - Apr 9, 2002 - RCS will bring radio programmers face-to-face with Selector programmers in what RCS is calling the Selector XV Victory Tour 2002. The tour allows RCS to interact with its clients to gain instant feedback to improve the company's products.

The RCS Victory Tour team includes Selector and Linker experts and radio veterans. The tour kicked off simultaneously in Seattle, Atlanta and Los Angeles and will continue all summer throughout the U.S. and Canada. Cities planned for the tour include Tampa, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Miami, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. RCS plans to visit the top 50 markets by the end of the summer. Tour dates will be posted as they are announced.

MGE Facility SolutionsAlliance Grows

Costa Mesa, CA - Apr 8, 2002 - Formed in March 2001 to support mission-critical networks and facility operations with bundled power, environmental control and monitoring solutions, the MGE UPS Sytems Facility Solutions Alliance has received wide market acceptance and has posted more than $11 million in FSA partner product shipments during fiscal year 2001. To capitalize on this growth and to offer an expanded product offering to customers, MGE welcomes the addition of Capstone Turbine, Power Conversion Products, an Eltek company and RLE Technologies to the Facility Solutions Alliance.

MGE's FSA offers a completely integrated, bundled equipment approach. The Alliance comprises the industry's strongest companies, leaders in their own industries, in one group to provide customers with a single point-of-contact for one-stop facility design, integration, purchasing and service.

Also joining FSA is Power Conversion Products, a North American subsidiary of Eltek Company. Power Conversion Products' switch-mode dc power systems and 48V power plants are designed for fiber optics, digital switching centers, microwave, cellular, PCS, high-speed data and other mission-critical applications. This partnership was a natural extension of the recently formed global joint venture, MGTEK Energy Systems. Eltek and MGE formed this venture to offer global customers turnkey ac and dc power solutions. Services of both companies are available through FSA.

RLE Technologies has also joined the Alliance, featuring its Falcon Remote Monitoring System, which can monitor virtually any type of facility equipment. The Falcon is pre-programmed to interface with MGE products and monitors a variety of parameters and equipment including UPSs, generators, precision HVAC, dc power plant alarms, temperature, humidity and other devices and systems including those offered by FSA. RLE's complete line of environmental monitoring products, critical site monitoring and water leak detection products will also be available through FSA.

Encoda's Spotdata InvoicesMore Than One Million

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Encoda Systems' electronic invoicing (EI) system, Spotdata, has reached new milestones in industry acceptance, including now having processed 1.2 million invoices representing a total dollar value of more than $7.7 billion.

Spotdata Electronic Invoicing is a system for the delivery of invoices from TV stations, radio stations and cable networks to advertising agencies, and has already been implemented by many stations and agencies in North America. The system allows advertising agencies, media buyers and in-house agencies to download invoices electronically from radio and TV broadcasters as well as cable operators, eliminating the need for paper invoices and speeding the reconciliation and payment processes.

The number of licensed users on Spotdata in North America now exceeds 950 stations and networks, as well as 220 advertising agencies and media buying companies.

Digidesign LicensesSonic NoNoise Technology

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Digidesign, a Division of Avid Technology, has licensed Sonic Solutions' NoNoise sound restoration technology for integration into the Pro ToolsHD line of digital audio workstations. By incorporating NoNoise as a suite of software plug-ins for Pro ToolsHD, Digidesign is able to provide its users with a method of removing unwanted noise from recordings.

Since it was first introduced in 1987, Sonic's NoNoise technology has been used to restore hundreds of thousands of music, film, video and forensic recordings. NoNoise can eliminate a variety of audio artifacts - hiss, scratches, hum, mechanical and impulsive noise, ambient and background noise - while preserving the integrity of the original recording.

Orban in Mexico

Apr 8, 2002 - During the first two weeks in March, Luis C. Endara, Orban's director of worldwide sales, went to Mexico on a fact-finding trip to meet with digital line carriers to introduce the Orban Opticodecs and to establish a communication channel with the potential ISP and ISDN carriers to the broadcast industry.

Telecommunications standards include a mixture of E-1 and T-1 circuits, and the Mexican Telephone Company can handle the protocols in use between major Mexican cities. While ISDN is expensive and rarely available, TCP/IP connections seem to be more adequate when immediate service is required. The different carriers visited expressed interest in providing interconnections as a value-added service.

The Sountainer created interest and excitement wherever it was shown, and its potential users had many ideas on how to apply it. Mexico will be one of the first countries in Latin America to have GSM mobile telephone service, and this opens up new opportunities for transferring MP3 files over the GSM network.

Enco to MarketImpulse Radio System

Las Vegas - Apr 6, 2002 - Enco Systems will market Impulse Radio's new Datacast Server, a software package that enables broadcasters to create their own integrated audio and visual programming for digital radio receivers, in the same bandwidth and on the same channels they are using today.

Under the marketing agreement, Enco will integrate the Datacast Server program into Enco's flagship DADpro32 product line and will market the Datacast Server software to broadcasters for an annual licensing fee. Enco also will service and support the Impulse Radio Datacast Server.

Tascam Enters DevelopmentPartnership with Rocket Network

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Tascam has entered into a development partnership with Rocket Network to develop a RocketPower application that will enable users to send and retrieve Tascam data via Rocket Network's global production network. Tascam users can work and exchange files with other audio professionals around the world, greatly expanding their creative options while reducing their audio production and editing costs.

The new application is designed to work with Tascam's MX-2424 hard-disk recorder, SX-1 Digital Production Environment, MM series of digital dubbers and other products that support Tascam's OpenTL native file format, including Pyramix, Steinberg's Nuendo and Waveframe. Data sent via the Tascam application will also be interchangeable with other RocketPower products from Emagic and Sadie. Users will be able to download the free application from the Tascam Web site in the second quarter of 2002.

BBC Rolls Out IBM/Jutel System

Las Vegas - Apr 9, 2002 - IBM Global Services has completed the first phase of the BBC's local radio format nationwide digital production and broadcast roll out. As part of IBM's Digital Media framework, partner Jutel and integrated IBM technologies are fully implemented at 26 BBC local radio sites throughout England.

The new, all-digital system enhances workflow efficiency for the BBC radio stations and significantly improves day-to-day radio production processes. Users now share information easily across local networks and create even higher quality programming packages.

IBM's Digital Media Factory architecture has integrated Jutel's RadioMan radio station technology with IBM X-series E-servers and Intellistations. IBM Global Services also used IBM middleware and DB2 database software in the digital media system for the BBC.

Phase two of the implementation, which comprises replacement of radio automation equipment at an additional 14 BBC local radio stations with the IBM/Jutel system, will commence later this year. The final system will comprise the world's largest decentralized computer-assisted radio system, consisting of more than 1,000 workstations nationwide.

There are 39 BBC local radio stations in England that broadcast predominantly talk programming 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. every day. The stations attract about eight million listeners. BBC local radio is part of BBC English Regions, the part of the BBC that is responsible for all non-networked radio, television and text output in England.

Klotz Digital AwardedNew Contracts

Munich, Germany � Apr 8, 2002 - Klotz Digital has been awarded a contract from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFM/RL). The European branch of Voice of America has ordered Vadis technology to equip 57 broadcast studios including all 43 studios of the operational center located in Prague, five studios in Moscow, two studios for Caucasian services and seven Studios for Radio Free Afghanistan.

Italy�s third largest broadcaster - Radio Televisione Lombarda (RTL) � trusts in Klotz Digital platform technology. The Italian broadcaster uses Klotz Digital�s VADIS equipment to merge radio (RTL 102.5) and television (RTL Hitchannel). Two Vadis systems were supplied: In RTL�s operations center in Milan Klotz Digital installed one shared Vadis main control room system for television and radio and four consoles including one On-Air console for audio or video. In RTL�s regional studio in Rome one main control room and eight mixers were installed.

Radio Forth and WestSound, both regional radio stations located in Scotland that are part of Scottish Radio Holding, will be digitalized by Klotz Digital. The projects involve the installation of three studios and a main control room (MCR) at WestSound and two studios plus additional MCR equipment at Radio Forth. The Vadis platforms are being supplied via Klotz Digital�s UK dealer Clyde Broadcast.

The Arabian Radio Network (ARN), running its headquarters in Dubai Media City, ordered two Vadis D.C.II On-Air consoles, one Paradigm console, one D.C.II Production console, four journalists edit desks and central digital audio switching. ARN is a young broadcaster and launched its program on September 1st 2001.

THIBA, another broadcaster located in Dubai, awarded Klotz Digital a contract for central digital audio switching, two Vadis D.C.II consoles and two Paradigm consoles.

Digigram Establishes LatinAmerican Subsidiary

Cuernavaca, Mexico - Apr 4, 2002 � Digigram continues its expansion in Latin America with the creation of a new subsidiary in Cuernavaca, Mexico. This new office allows Digigram to continue serving this region and increase it customer service role.

R�gis Berdaa is the director of the Digigram Am�rica Latina office. The new office, located 40 miles south of Mexico City, can be contacted through:

Digigram Am�rica Latina
Plaza Teopanzolco, Of. 210
Av. Teopanzolco N� 18 � Col. Cantarranas
62448 Cuernavaca, Morelos
TEL: +52 (777) 318 4718
FAX : +52 (777) 318 3762

SAPRR Chooses Audemat'sGoldeneagle

Mar 27, 2002 - Audemat has announced the success of its recent tender for the implementation of the total monitoring solution chosen by the SAPRR (Societe des autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rh�ne).

The Goldeneagle multi FM receiver for remote off-air monitoring, and its Web server software Manager prove to be the choice for assuring the continuity and quality of transmission over a network, 24 hours a day.

This news comes only weeks after TDF's decision to implement the Goldeneagle monitoring solution with the renewal of its monitoring network of 300 units. For the SAPRR, a first batch of 85 units Goldeneagle will be installed this year.

Audemat's Manager centralizes all information coming from and going to the remotely situated Goldeneagle units. It identifies all incidents occurring on the transmission sites, tracks this information and relays it via e-mail or SMS to the relevant technican or network administrator.

Autoroute info 107.7MHz, SAPRR's traffic information service, is the largest and most extensive radio network in Europe. Monitoring the quality and continuity of the transmitted information requires reliable and flexible tools. SAPRR values the ergonomy of the Manager enabling many users to access the software via simple browser (Internet Explorer) to visualize alarms and to take corrective or preventative action quickly and efficiently.

The Audemat Goldeneagle multi-receiver unit guarantees uninterrupted monitoring of as many as 40 programs with its three tuners. Its mode for analyzing and controlling RDS applications and specific traffic information slots (e.g EON/TA, TMC), proved a high priority for the SAPRR.

Formed in 1961, the SAPRR is one of the largest french motorway companys, responsible for the construction and exploitation of 1850km of motorway situated in the center and east of France. Its primary objective is providing first class service for their clients, maintaining easy circulation, security and comfort over their motorway network. For this reason, they created Autoroute info (107.7MHz), with the aim of providing continuous traffic information to all motorway users. This service is currently available over more than 2,000 kilometers of motorway.


RichardsonElectronics Hires Piper

LaFox, IL - Apr 8, 2002 - Richardson Electronics has hired Pat Piper as a product engineer manager for Richardson�s subsidiary: Broadcast Richardson.

Piper brings to Richardson more than 20 years of satellite engineering experience. Previously, he held the position of satellite systems product line manager for Harris, with responsibility for overseeing mobile ENG, SNG, production systems, fixed earth stations and VSAT networks. Most recently, Piper served as ETM�s satcom North American sales manager and broadcast account manager for MCL.

Among his responsibilities, Piper will be working with unique antenna designs from SWE-DISH, including flyaway and driveaway applications, and the IPT (Internet Protocol Terminal) satellite in a suitcase design.

RCS Vice President Retires

New York - Apr 9, 2002 � Lee Facto, vice president of international operations at RCS, retires this week after 18 years in corporate management. He has been a respected and trusted cornerstone of the company almost since its beginning.

Prior to RCS, Facto was vice president of IGM, a pioneer in FM broadcasting, automation systems and syndicated music programming. Years later he was a co-founder of SBS, which provided traffic and billing systems for radio, television and cable companies.

With the retirement of Facto, President Philippe Generali named Robin Prior vice president. Most recently, Prior served as the product manager for the digital automation software RCS Master Control. Prior to his Master Control role, Robin was vice president - operations, support and engineering at RCS. Along with his software expertise, he has knowledge of broadcasting, sound recording and engineering.

SBE Adds Otey for CoordniatorPost

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Indianapolis and Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - The SBE has hired David Otey of Centennial, CO, as its new frequency coordination director. Otey has been a member of the SBE since 1985, is a Certified Senior Television Engineer (CSTE) and has been the SBE/NFL Game-Day Coordinator in Denver for three seasons. As the Society's Frequency Coordination Director, Otey will administer the SBE's National Football League Game-Day Coordinator Program and work with the SBE's National Frequency Coordination Committee. Otey began working for the SBE on April 6.

Lee Named to Orban/CRL InternationalPost

San Leandro, CA - Apr 8, 2002 - Peter Lee joins Orban/CRL as director of European and international codec sales. Lee will spearhead all European sales operations, and will be working with Orban/CRL Sales veterans Luis Endara, Steve Gordoni and Kevin Clayborn in the development of worldwide Opticodec sales. Many Orban/CRL distributors know Lee from his years of work with Fostex, 360 Systems and Dialog4.

With the recent purchase of Dialog4, Orban/CRL is now entering the international codec market, for which Lee sees a bright future.

Tiernan Named Orban ProductManager

San Leandro, CA - Apr 8, 2002 - Dean Tiernan is named product manager for Orban Digital Editing Products. That includes Audicy, DSE 7000 and future editing products.

In October of 1997, Tiernan started at Orban as a customer service engineer. He has managed the customer service department, and held the position of director of the sales/service department, before his appointment as product manager.

Tiernan comes to Orban after more than 20 years in local and network radio. Unusual for someone in his position, he worked on-air, not in engineering. In fact, Tiernan scored a triple crown for radio news broadcasters, taking the top news awards from AP and Radio & TV news directors, in addition to the best news anchor award for Northern California the same year. His radio career began in high school at a San Francisco area radio station. From there he worked on assignment as a disc jockey in Asmara, Eritrea (then Ethiopia) for the US Army.

Dean has worked as a morning man, sidekick-newsman and presently is one of the hosts of The Home Improvement USA Network Radio Show, which is produced from the broadcast studios of Orban. Home Improvement USA is heard on more than 40 radio stations Saturdays 10-Noon PST/1-3pm EST, and Sundays 4-6pm PST/7-9 EST, and streams live on the Internet at

Internet Watch


Rick Dees Gets Xstream

Syndicated personality Rick Dees, morning talent at Los Angeles' KIIS-FM, and KIIS engineer Jerry Burnham show the Telos Zephyr Xstream.

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Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Rick Dees, internationally known syndicated morning personality at LA's KIIS-FM, the top-billing radio station in the U.S., uses an Xstream and is impressed with the low coding delay when it is used with the Low-Delay AAC algorithm. Jerry Burnham, KIIS-FM's Special Projects Engineer in charge of Dees' personal studio and remote equipment, has noted that the Low-Delay coding is a tremendous advantage. The station uses the codec for high-quality remotes that allow the remote talent to interact with phone callers, traffic reporters and other remote sources without that annoying time lag.

Low-Delay AAC coding, sometimes referred to as MPEG-4, was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute, a company famous for its pioneering work in audio and video coding, including the Internet audio standard MP3. Low-Delay AAC gives broadcasters the high audio quality they've come to expect from Layer-3, while reducing encode times by up to 80 percent.

EV Intros Special Edition RE2075SE

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Las Vegas - Apr 8th, 2002 - In commemoration of its 75th anniversary, Electro-Voice has released a special-edition version of the RE20 microphone at NAB2002. Released in 1967, the RE20 has been chosen as the emblem of Electro-Voice's 75th Anniversary because of its popularity.

The limited edition RE20 75SE will feature a matte-black housing, and two embossed 75th Anniversary logos mounted between the signature variable-D slots that extend along the side of the microphone housing. Each mic is marked with an engraved serial number tag and ships in special packaging, suitable for display.

The RE20 was designed to be a dynamic cardioid microphone for recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement applications, and uses Elctro-Voice's Variable-D design, which results in a microphone that is virtually free of bass-boosting proximity effect.

Transamerica Audio Group toDistribute ATC in the U.S.

Las Vegas- Apr 8, 2002 - Transamerica Audio Group, U.S. distributor of high-end professional audio equipment, has agreed to distribute UK-based ATC's loudspeakers and electronics stateside. Bill Woodman founded ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company) in 1974 to produce a mid-range drive unit that surpassed all others in sonic detail. The company designs and manufactures the acoustic and electronic elements of loudspeakers. Everything is manufactured in-house.

Other lines distributed by Transamerica Audio Group include: Drawmer Signal Processing, SoundField Microphones, Soundelux Microphones, Brauner Tube Microphones, AEA, FMR, Sequerra Audio Labs and George Massenburg Labs (GML).

Tascam Announces V1.60Software for DM-24 Mixer

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Tascam announced the 1.60 software update for the DM-24 digital mixer. This software update is available as a free download from the Tascam website at Version 1.60 software adds new features and functions to the DM-24, including improved signal routing, improved MIDI Machine Control functionality, new automation features and more.

The version 1.60 update allows users to assign mic/line inputs to aux 1 and 2 similar to the way aux 1 and 2 can be used as tape returns in a tracking environment. When mixing channels 1 through 24 can be used as tape returns, 25 through 32 can be used as effect returns and the 16 mic/line inputs can be assigned to aux 1 and 2, which can be stereo linked and assigned to the stereo buss outputs. This adds an extra 16 channels, with pan and level controls, providing for a total of 48 mixdown channels on the DM-24.

The version 1.60 update also provides improved MMC functionality for a number of DAW applications and HDR machines using an open MMC connection. Users will also find new routing capabilities on the DM-24, including the ability to access as many as 24 channels of simultaneous recording with the addition of the optional IF-AN/DM I/O module. With the new keep feature in the DM-24's automation system, users can now save the current mix in the first memory bank and push previous mixes to the next highest memory banks saving time and effort.

Clear Channel Facility addsWireReady32 News Delivery System

Northborough, MA - Apr 5, 2002 - Clear Channel's facility in Columbia, SC, has installed WireReady32 for its multi-station combo WCOS-AM/FM, WLTY-FM, WNOK-FM, WSCQ-FM and WVOC-AM news operations. With just a few clicks of the mouse, WireReady32 allows every Clear Channel newsroom to exchange ready-to-air sound clips with text between news markets and to push finished content into any one of Clear Channel's nationally deployed Prophet automation systems. Columbia is the 103rd facility to be tied into the nationwide WireReady32 newsroom delivery system.

Since 1989, WireReady NSI has provided 24/7 service and has deployed a wide range of PC-based applications used by more than 2,000 radio stations and broadcasters around the world. WireReady's next-generation Windows-based product, WireReady32, provides a suite of integrated applications for sales and customer service, integrated production management for 3rd party WAV editors, triple channel on-air live-assist, satellite and music on hard-drive automation, digital newsroom, storm-closings, web-publishing, satellite feed capture and exchanging content with remote sites and group properties.

Dielectric CommunicationsIntroduces New Warranty

Raymond, ME - Apr 4, 2002 - In celebration of its 60th anniversary, Dielectric Communications announces a new warranty. Effective April 1, 2002, orders for new products will carry a five-year warranty, and complete systems will be covered by a 10-year warranty. This warranty will be extended to all full-power FM and television product orders and will include the tower structure, antennas, transmission line, combiner and filter systems. Programs are in place to extend these new warranties to equipment already ordered or shipped.

Dielectric was the first company to raise the bar on product and system warranties with the introduction of the 2/5-year warranty in 1991. Once again, Dielectric reinforces its commitment to the broadcast industry by implementing this new warranty.