Cydle Portable Player with HD Radio May Ship Soon

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Cydle Portable Player with HD Radio May Ship Soon

Jan 19, 2011 11:27 AM, By Mark Krieger

Among an array of fresh HD Radio devices featured at this year's CES was a portable item that may have looked familiar to CES regulars. That's because Cydle's P29H -- which also serves as a media player, voice recorder, photo display, stopwatch, and clock -- originally launched at CES 2010, but has yet to ship in the United States due to circumstances that remain unclear. A YouTube video of a P29 H demo shot at CES 2010 includes a look at its HD Radio interface.

At first blush, Cydle's P29H is reminiscent of Microsoft's Zune HD in that it combines onboard microSD card memory up to 8GB, full audio/video player functionality, FM HD Radio reception and a 240 x 320 pixel OLED touchscreen in a neat little slab, but at a retail price point that its makers say will falls below $100 when it finally begins retailing.

One of the more interesting features of the P29H's Swiss army knife approach to function is an accelerometer and haptic sensor that allow automatic changeover from portrait to landscape display modes.

No firm release date appears for the P29H, but Cydle is currently selling another HD Radio enabled device, its T43H GPS navigation system, in the United States.

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