DABiS 800 Adds Axia Interface

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DABiS 800 Adds Axia Interface

Feb 28, 2011 4:04 PM

Cleveland - Feb 28, 2011 - Bern, Switzerland-based Sohard has become an Axia Livewire partner, integrating Axia connectivity into its flagship DABiS 800 content management software.

As an Axia Partner, Sohard will offer clients software systems that integrate the Axia IP-audio driver with DABiS 800 software. Sohard will also be able to provide broadcasters with integration services that include Axia AoIP console and routing networks.

Micromedia Partners with Axia

Micromedia will offer its clients software solutions that integrate the Axia IP-Audio Driver with its own Digimedia Professional....

Burli Becomes Axia Partner

Burli users can purchase Axia IP-audio networking components bundled with and customized for use with the Burli Newsroom System software for radio....