Dataworld Purchased by Owners of Skywaves

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Dataworld Purchased by Owners of Skywaves

Oct 15, 2001 12:00 PM

Bethesda, MD - Oct 1, 2001 - Dave Doherty and Patty Doherty, the owners of Skywaves Inc. of Allendale, NJ, have completed the purchase of Dataworld Inc. of Bethesda from Jack Neff and Mabel Neff.

Dataworld, now in its 30th year of operation, is a provider of custom marketing and coverage maps, technical services, directories, map books, and facility change notification services to the broadcasting industry. Skywaves is a developer of interactive Web applications including real estate listing sites, e-commerce, and totally custom Web-based solutions for education and business.

Dave Doherty will serve as Dataworld's new president. Skywaves' plans for Dataworld include moving the company into the area of interactive Web delivery of products. One example is the DataXpert product, which allows users to create custom maps interactively, online, showing coverage areas of radio, television stations and ITFS/MDS/MMDS facilities as well as accessing directory listings that show technical information, key personnel, coverage area and population, and other information about each station. Until now, DataXpert was delivered as a monthly CD-ROM publication. Now, the data displayed is real-time, and the maps are made using real-time data. This is just one example of what can happen when you marry the database and programming capability of Dataworld with the online capabilities of Skywaves.

The Dohertys are broadcasting veterans. Dave began his broadcasting career in 1967, and, along with Patty, has held ownership interests in a number of stations. For many years, Dave was the Sony Broadcast sales rep and sales manager for the middle-Atlantic region, including Washington, DC. Patty and Dave have owned and operated Skywaves Inc. since 1995.

The Neffs are also industry veterans. Jack was the founder of Spotmaster and Broadcast Electronics, and ran Wilkinson Electronics for a time. The Neffs bought Dataworld from the engineering firm AD Ring in 1981.