David Reaves Offers Free Level Controller

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David Reaves Offers Free Level Controller

May 1, 2012 4:13 PM

Recklinghausen, Germany - May 1, 2012 - David P. Reaves III has released the public beta of his new, free Windows-based personal audio level controller called FreeChocolate! Loudness and Level Comfortizer. According to Reaves: "In every media device, consumers are irritated with abrupt and excessive level variations. I'm developing software with a radically simple user interface in front of a very sophisticated, natural-sounding control system. If I do this right, such a control concept will allow the end-user the option to maintain loudness levels within their own personal 'comfort zone,' while, importantly, perceptually maintaining the integrity of the original work."

His goal is to place effective control at the fingertips of the consumer. Reaves is initially offering a free Windows app FreeChocolate! to get initial user feedback before moving forward, and to work out any rough edges in the idea.

"A separate app such as 'FreeChocolate!' is just the trial stage. Ultimately, this concept needs to be integrated right into electronic devices, just before the final volume control. I'd like to offer a refined core set of universal, resource-friendly DSP code to vendors as a licensed plug-in for any number of mobile or home products whose enjoyment might be enhanced by more consistent levels and loudness."

Why call it 'FreeChocolate!'? "I love chocolate!" says Reaves. "The word suggests a positive feeling to many people; it's a name that brings with it a kind of cozy charm. And comfortizer is a simple way of saying exactly what it's intended to do: Make uneven audio sources more comfortable to listen to."

FreeChocolate! Level and Loudness Comfortizer is available to interested beta users by sending a request to beta@DavidReaves3.com. System requirements: Windows XP SP 3, Vista or Windows 7. Works with ASIO or standard Windows audio I/O drivers.

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