Digital Alert Systems Acquires FCC Certification

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Digital Alert Systems Acquires FCC Certification

May 17, 2012 12:18 PM

Lyndonville, NY - May 16, 2012 - Digital Alert Systems and Monroe Electronics have received FCC approval for certified next-generation Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Emergency Alert System (EAS) alerting equipment. The FCC has certified that the DASDEC-II and R189 One-Net series of EAS equipment complies with the FCC's updated Part 11 regulations governing EAS.

Broadcast television, radio, and cable television systems have until June 30 to integrate equipment capable of decoding CAP messages. With the FCC approval received on May 11, 2012, the companies confirmed that the DASDEC-II and the R189 One-Net systems will enable users to meet the revised FCC equipment compliance requirements.

Digital Alert Systems says the DASDEC-II CAP EAS encoder/decoder is currently used in approximately 50 percent of all television stations and many leading radio groups. The R189 One-Net system is currently used in more than half the nation's cable TV head ends, including the nation's largest MSOs.

The DASDEC EAS platform was originally granted its FCC equipment authorization in 2004 with the FCC certification ID of R8VDASDEC-1EN. The R189 One-Net system shares the same certified EAS platform. Both systems were designed with the flexibility to handle a range of potential changes in requirements that may be forthcoming from the FCC and FEMA.

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