DPA Microphones Celebrates 20 Years

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DPA Microphones Celebrates 20 Years

Jun 11, 2012 4:24 PM

Alleroed, Denmark - Jun 11, 2012 - DPA Microphones is commemorating 20 years of developing microphones for pro audio. Founded in 1992 by Morten Stove and Ole Brosted Sorensen, two former employees from the measurement company Br�el & Kjaer (B&K), DPA Microphones has always made it a point to create microphones of the highest possible quality. Today, the DPA Microphones line includes vocal, instrument and studio microphones, as well as broadcast and surround-sound microphones that can be found in venues throughout the world and in use by a plethora of famous artists.

Originally known as Danish Pro Audio, the company's first offerings included studio microphones. Later, the company branched out into other types, such as miniature vocal and instrument microphones, while always maintaining the high-quality audio for which the brand was known. The company's ability to develop such equipment grew from a working relationship with hearing-aid manufacturer Muphone. The technology needed to recreate the human voice in a small compartment is an ideal solution for the pro audio industry, and one with which Muphone was very familiar.

The first microphone on which DPA and Muphone collaborated was the DPA 4060, the company's first omnidirectional miniature microphone. It was used in broadcast and theater environments andsoon gained success as a small, good sounding microphone that could be hidden in clothes and wigs and attached to instruments, among other uses. This product led to the development of the DPA 4066 miniature headset microphone in 1998.

Evidence of more background noise on stage, which created an uncontrolled recording environment, drove the decision to create high-quality miniature microphones. This shift in musical characteristics required microphones that were directional rather than omnidirectional. In 2004 the partners introduced the DPA 4088 directional headset microphone.

The following year, DPA and Muphone officially merged. With each passing year, DPA has continued to unveil premium microphones with a range of uses, such as the DPA 4080, a cardioid lavaliere microphone; the DPA 4017, a supercardioid microphone and the DPA 4099, a series of supercardioid, miniature live instrument microphones.

Always seeking to continue to develop and improve on its line to adjust to the market changes, DPA Microphones have developed many groundbreaking technologies. Most recently, the company released several new microphones that have already been well received. These include the D:fine series of headset microphones and the D:facto vocal microphone. The company also recently announced the rebranding of its popular 4099 live instrument mic series -- now known as D:vote 4099.

In addition to its headquarters in Denmark, a subsidiary in the U.S. and a sales office in China, DPA serves its customers through its channel distribution network in more than 50 countries. These dedicated partners provide local support to the company's worldwide customer base and are a vital key to DPA's continued success.

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