DTS CEO Reports to Investors on iBiquity Acquisition

During a recent conference call for investors, DTS chairman/CEO Jon Kirchner spoke about DTS’ recent acquisition of iBiquity Digital.
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CALABASAS, CALIF.�During a recent conference call for investors, DTS chairman/CEO Jon Kirchner spoke about DTS� recent acquisition of iBiquity Digital (amongst other topics).� Let�s take a look at some of the points, as reported by Twice.com.

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Unfortunately, iBiquity had been posting net operating losses when it was acquired by DTS from investors, including radio-broadcast chains.� However, since the time of the acquisition, DTS has �made significant progress realizing operational and financial synergies,� said Kirchner.� Automotive revenues for DTS were up 21 percent for the year and represented about 20 percent of revenues in the fourth quarter, following the October acquisition of iBiquity.

Kirchner indicated DTS expects to move HD Radio technology �out of the premium priced segment into the more mid-priced segment� while it works on more effective cost implementations on ICs that will hit the market in the next couple years.

HD Radio penetration reached about 37 percent of new cars sold in the U.S. in 2015 and is �well-represented as a standard feature among the higher end of the automotive segment as well as in premium infotainment systems and more moderately priced vehicles,� he noted.

DTS sees HD Radio as an opportunity to bring its other audio technologies into the car. Once HD Radio content is in the car, �there is an opportunity for DTS�s other technologies to enhance the presentation of that content inside the vehicle,� Kirchner explained.

The move to autonomous cars will have a positive impact on these efforts, Kirchner added. Autonomous vehicles �will begin to change the opportunity for more immersive entertainment experiences in the vehicles as you no longer have to focus on perhaps controlling the vehicle and can simply maximize the time and experience while you�re in it,� he explained.