Ecreso Develops Sales Department

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Ecreso Develops Sales Department

Mar 28, 2002 12:00 PM

Bordeaux-Castres-Gironde, France - Mar 27, 2002 - Within the frame work of its reorganization, Ecreso - RFTS Broadcast is expanding its sales department with the addition of an export director and a sales and communication manager. This reorganization comes after two years of strategic positioning on the domestic market. The second phase of the strategy addresses a launch that will result in a higher visibility and technological awareness world-wide.

Philippe Codogno is the sales manager for the French Market. Codogno has a strong knowledge in the broadcasting field and can respond to any sales or technical questions.
Albert Pouliquen is the export sales director. Pouliquen spent almost 25 years working on the African market. He has a great experience in turn-key radio station studies and designs.
Sophie Lion Poulain is the sales and communication manager. Poulain has been working almost three years in the broadcasting field. She speaks English and Spanish fluently and now manages the marketing efforts on the European and American Markets for Ecreso - RFTS Broadcast. She is also responsible for Ecreso's Public relations.
Eric Pere is the research and development manager and provides any technical assistance, or training on the Ecreso - RFTS Broadcast transmitters.
Stephane Vansteelant, chairman, continues to head up and orientate the strategy of the company.