FCC Mandates New Registration Number

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FCC Mandates New Registration Number

Sep 17, 2001 12:00 PM

Washington, DC - Sep 17, 2001 - Effective December 3, 2001, new rules will require persons and entities doing business with the FCC to obtain a unique ten-digit FCC Registration Number (FRN). The FRN must be provided by all businesses and individuals that file applications with the FCC (whether feeable or non-feeable) or make any payments of any type to the FCC.

Applications filed electronically without an FRN will not be processed; instead, the filer will get a message reminding them to enter the FRN. Broadcasters should be aware that for time-critical deadlines, such as the filing of regulatory fees, the FCC will grant paper filers a grace period of ten business days following notification to the filer by FCC staff to correct omitted or incorrect FRNs. If the FRN is provided during the grace period, the filing date will be the original date of submission. Failure to make a timely correction may trigger a late fee penalty.

The FCC does not require the FRN for non-application filings, such as comments or petitions in rulemaking proceedings. Further, there is an exception to the FRN rule for appearances in feeable hearing proceedings, emergency authorizations, civil monetary payments and consent decrees. Stations and/or their counsel can obtain an FRN through the Commission Registration System (CORES) by logging onto www.fcc.gov and clicking on the CORES link. For further information on registering for an FRN, contact the CORES Administrator toll-free at 877-480-3201 or CORES@fcc.gov.