FCC Suspends Routine EAS Testing

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FCC Suspends Routine EAS Testing

Sep 18, 2001 12:00 PM

Washington, DC - Sep 18, 2001 - In connection with the recent terrorist attacks, and in order to avoid potential public confusion or fear, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), has requested that broadcast stations suspend their routine weekly and monthly tests of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). In light of FEMA''s request, and after input from the FCC''s EAS National Advisory Committee, we confirm that broadcast stations may suspend their routine weekly and monthly testing until October 2, 2001.

Additionally, during this period, cable systems need not comply with the rules regarding the handling of the routine weekly and monthly EAS tests. The FCC will not take enforcement action against broadcast stations or cable systems for not complying with the rules relating to these routine EAS tests during this period. Should an extension be required, an additional FCC public notice will be issued. All other EAS rules must be complied with.

Any station that has EAS responsibilities for which routine testing remains necessary should conduct such routine tests as appropriate.

By the Chief, Enforcement Bureau
For additional information contact Bonnie Gay at (202) 418-1228.

BE Radio recommends that stations should print the official release at the FCC website and place it with their EAS logs for the period covered. Go to www.fcc.gov/eb/Public_Notices/da012183.doc for a Word document or www.fcc.gov/eb/Public_Notices/da012183.html for an HTML version.