Fraunhofer Demos Video via DRM at IBC 2010

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Fraunhofer Demos Video via DRM at IBC 2010

Sep 15, 2010 10:00 AM, By Mark Krieger

Fraunhofer IIS used the IBC 2010 conference in Amsterdam this week as its launch venue for Diveemo, a new small-scale video service designed to ride alongside DRM 30 and DRM+ digital radio signals. Initiated as a joint effort between Fraunhofer IIS, Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia and Chengdu NewStar Electronics, Diveemo is designed to carry small-format MP4 video to compatible DRM radio displays. The video data is carried as part of the total data payload in either a narrow bandwidth DRM 30 signal via MW or HF transmission or by higher bandwidth DRM+ VHF transmission.

Diveemo's developers see the technology as filling a unique niche for the delivery of educational and informational video content over long distances and large geographic areas. One country that might benefit is India, which has already made a significant commitment to DRM and where many rural areas have limited access to video or Internet services due to economic and geographic limitation.

Fraunhoffer IIS also notes that one or more audio streams can accompany a single video stream, allowing for synchronous, multi-language support. Diveemo enabled receivers also include full DRM functionality, such as service selection by Unicode compatible station labels, alternative frequency signaling and switching, announcement and warning/alert features.

Diveemo was showcased at the Fraunhofer booth at IBC 2010 throughout the week and was featured last Monday in a special presentation in the Thomson booth.

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