Harris Adds IP Functions to Intraplex HD Link STL

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Harris Adds IP Functions to Intraplex HD Link STL

Sep 6, 2011 11:00 AM

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Melbourne, FL, and Denver - Sep 6, 2011 - Harris has added more IP networking capabilities to its Intraplex HD Link studio-to-transmitter link (STL) system. The updates will be shown at the 2011 Radio Show.

Harris introduced the HD Link in 2009 to support 950MHz microwave STL applications for the transport of analog AM/FM and digital program services, including HD Radio broadcasting and multicasting. The update offers tighter integration between RF and IP capabilities. Broadcasters can configure HD Link to operate as both an RF and an IP STL, and designate either transport medium as the primary service path for any stream. Broadcasters can also switch between the two methods for any service, or concurrently send the same program across both paths - minimizing service interruptions in the event of failure.

Other new features include dynamic audio parameter adjustments to cope with link degradation caused by inclement weather or other interference. This includes automatic switching between stereo and mono, or dropping auxiliary programs to ensure that the main program stays on the air.

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