Harris Restructures Carlsbad Office

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Harris Restructures Carlsbad Office

Oct 31, 2001 12:00 PM

Cincinnati and Carlsbad, CA - Oct 31, 2001 - Harris Broadcast Communications announced that it is making some changes to its operation from the Carlsbad, CA, facility. While Harris as a company is healthy and has enjoyed five consecutive quarters of strong financial results, the Carlsbad decision was based on the national and international economic environment and is intended to allow Harris to continue with its financial strength.

The Carlsbad, CA, facility was acquired by Harris in 1998 when it purchased the assets of Pacific Research and Engineering, manufacturer of radio broadcast consoles and studio furniture. Harris officials commented that despite these operational changes, Harris is still fully committed to the Harris Pacific products.

Harris is transferring two manufacturing functions from Carlsbad to its facility in Mason, OH, near Cincinnati. These transfers include the manufacture, integration and testing of audio consoles, and the studio furniture construction processes.

The engineering design and development teams for consoles and furniture will remain in Carlsbad. The office, formerly called the West Coast Broadcast Center, will be renamed the Pacific Design Center.

The West Coast Broadcast Center also housed a staff of sales people. These functions are being relocated to the Cincinnati facility as well. To accommodate its customers outside the Eastern Time Zone, Harris is extending its telephone support hours and adding additional telephone support.

The call center changes are effective immediately. The manufacturing changes will begin their change soon and will be complete on January 11, 2002, when the Cincinnati facility will house the console and furniture manufacturing. The Cincinnati facility has been manufacturing furniture since Harris acquired Midwest Communications in the 1980s.

There are 60 employees in the West Coast center. Ten employees are being asked to relocate to Cincinnati as a result of the announcement. Other employees who are able and willing to relocate to Cincinnati or to Harris' Quincy, IL, facility are being accommodated. Employees choosing to leave Harris and not relocate are being offered severance packages and are being provided with career placement assistance.

When the changes are complete, there will be 15 employees in the Pacific Design Center.