HD Radio Alliance Relaunches HDRadio.com

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HD Radio Alliance Relaunches HDRadio.com

Mar 31, 2011 3:44 PM

Orlando, FL - Mar 28, 2011 - The HD Radio Alliance has relaunched the HDRadio.com consumer website. The site is designed based on feedback from member radio stations in combination with in-depth analytics of historical traffic from the original HD Radio website.

The redesigned site promotes the range of new digital content radio listeners receive from HD Radio broadcasting and includes a Search facility tied to prominent Station Guide and Buyers Guide offerings. Diane Warren, president of operations for the Alliance noted, "We have learned what radio listeners want when they get to the website: Programming content and format listings of HD Radio stations in their local market, what HD Radio products are available and an easy way to shop and buy them. Further, visitors to hdradio.com want easy access to information that will help them learn more about the technology.

HD Radio Alliance Seeks New Friends

The Alliance promises to keep advancing HD Radio in 2011 with $110 million worth of no-charge spots....