HD Radio on Tap at IEEE Broadcast Symposium

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HD Radio on Tap at IEEE Broadcast Symposium

Oct 20, 2010 11:27 AM, By Mark Krieger

IBOC dominates the radio agenda this week at the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 60th Annual Broadcast Symposium in Alexandria, VA. Oct. 20 presentations consisted of tutorials, including an examination of FM IBOC emission mask compliance measurement lead by engineering consultant Greg Best, followed by design and use of the FM IBOC coverage model, presented by NPR's John Kean. Russ Iannuzzelli and Russ Mundschenk from iBiquity Digital were on hand to discuss FM IBOC single -frequency network booster design and testing.

On Oct. 21, Harris' Geoff Mendenhall will discuss strategies for implementing FM IBOC power increases, along with an update on HD Radio data applications from Paul Brenner, Broadcast Traffic Consortium USA.

Those interested in the potential impact of mobile broadband may want to stick around on Oct. 22 for what promises to be a spirited discussion regarding the FCC's proposed broadband plan. Panelists include representatives from the FCC as well as the wireless and broadcast industries.

Online registration for the three-day symposium was still open at press time.

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