Ibiquity Submits AM Results to NRSC

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Ibiquity Submits AM Results to NRSC

Jan 8, 2002 12:00 PM

CES, Las Vegas - Jan 8, 2002 - Ibiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer and licenser of digital AM and FM radio broadcast technology in the United States, announced that it has submitted its digital AM radio system test results to the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC). According to Ibiquity, the results of the tests, which were conducted in accordance with the procedures defined by the NRSC, confirm that the AM IBOC (In-Band On-Channel) system will deliver FM-like sound quality while preserving the integrity of the current analog AM broadcasting system. With this submission, the NRSC has all the relevant information it requested in order to evaluate Ibiquity 's AM IBOC digital broadcast system in order to make its reccommendation to the Federal Communications Commission.

As part of the NRSC AM test program, Ibiquity Digital conducted field tests at three commercial and one experimental AM radio station. The test program also included laboratory tests and subjective sound quality evaluations of several hundred audio samples collected from the lab and the field. The sound quality evaluations included comparisons of IBOC digital AM with both analog AM and analog FM. Ibiquity reports that listeners comparing digital AM with today's analog FM, found digital AM to be FM-like.

Ibiquity also said that listeners comparing digital AM with today's analog AM, judged digital AM to be superior to analog, which is no surprise. It has long been believed that AM stations have the most to gain aurally from adopting a digital transmission system. All field tests and evaluations conducted as part of the NRSC AM test program were monitored or performed by independent laboratories in accordance with procedures developed by the NRSC.

Ibiquity is still planning on an IBOC rollout in 2002.