Jacobs Media Calls for Proof of Artist Support

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Jacobs Media Calls for Proof of Artist Support

Mar 9, 2009 10:31 AM

Southfield, MI - Mar 8, 2009 - Developing an idea originated by Emmis St. Louis' John Beck and initiated by NRG's Chuck DuCoty and Mary Quass, Jacobs Media is spearheading a campaign that demonstrates radio's long-time contribution to the record industry and its artists. Jacobs Media is asking all music stations to take digital photos of every gold and platinum single and album that labels have awarded them, and e-mail them to gold@jacobsmedia.com. The photographic collection of thank-yous from the record industry underscoring radio's support and contributions will be posted at www.jacobsmedia.com/goingforthegold and will be delivered to the NAB.

"The NAB is on board for this all-industry campaign," President Fred Jacobs comments. "This coming week, we're asking all music stations to take 30 minutes to send a message to Congress and Music First about the absurdity of this performance fee/tax issue. It is a contradiction for the music industry to suggest that radio has been cheating artists out of royalties and fees, while they have consistently thanked radio for its contributions."

Jacobs will send the photo collection to the NAB so the NAB can show them to Congress.