Jelli Enhances Advertising Platform Capabilities

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Jelli Enhances Advertising Platform Capabilities

Sep 18, 2012 2:49 PM

San Mateo, CA - Sep 18, 2012 - Jelli has launched advanced new advertising features in the Jelli Platform that enable radio stations to use Jelli as a flexible ad serving network for terrestrial radio advertising. These new features allow even those stations that do not leverage Jelli's programming capabilities to take advantage of Jelli's advertising platform.

"In spite of the increasingly noisy media landscape, radio continues to be one of the most powerful mediums for reaching an audience," said Mike Dougherty, Jelli's CEO. "Ad tech has transformed online advertising, and now we are bringing this to terrestrial radio."

The Jelli Platform enables stations to monetize unsold on-air inventory, providing a new source of revenue to supplement local selling efforts. To deploy the Jelli Platform, each station integrates a Jelli server at its station and connects it to the Internet. Then the station allocates inventory to the Jelli Platform using its existing ad trafficking and scheduling software. Jelli takes it from there, serving radio ads on the air, and paying the station for those ads.