Kansas City Chiefs Radio Broadcasts Add DTS Surround

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Kansas City Chiefs Radio Broadcasts Add DTS Surround

Jan 9, 2012 9:52 AM

Kansas City - Jan 8, 2012 - Cumulus Media and the Chiefs Radio Network have teamed to broadcast all the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs home and away games with DTS Neural Surround technology. DTS says this is the first surround sound broadcast delivery across radio. DTS and Cumulus Media already work together to broadcast Atlanta Braves games in DTS Surround.

The DTS Neural Surround equipment is built by DTS licensee DaySequerra and integrated both on-site at Arrowhead Stadium and with the Chiefs Radio Network mobile package. The DTS-based set-up allows the audio team to broadcast 5.1 surround sound over a stereo transmission path. Using the stereo format at the highest resolution possible, DTS Neural Surround enables the Chiefs' broadcast production team to preserve the integrity of the surround mix for a realistic, multi-dimensional audio experience.

Joe D'Angelo, senior vice president of broadcast programs and advanced services at iBiquity Digital, stated, "We are very pleased that Cumulus and DTS have expanded their surround sound from the Major League Baseball to the NFL. The combination of the DTS system and HD Radio technology provides the listener with crystal clear digital audio with the enhancement of a surround sound experience."

The Chiefs Radio Network comprises more than 50 stations and joins DTS' content partner roster alongside American Public Media, JazzSet and others. More than 1,000 radio stations in the U.S. are now broadcasting in DTS Neural Surround to elevate the audio quality and enhance the entertainment experience for listeners.